Jami Delia


Jami Delia is a writer who has published articles and tutorials on refurbishing and upcycling furniture and home decor items.


  • More than two years of writing experience on DIY home projects
  • Skilled at upcycling, reclaiming and refurbishing furniture


Jami Delia was a writer for The Spruce for almost two years covering the topic of refurbishing and upcycling.  

Delia is a writer, editor and all around do-it-yourselfer. She enjoys upcycling, reclaiming and refurbishing furniture and finding new purposes and uses for old items. She is an avid thrift store, clearance rack and roadside shopper who knows how to find the best deals and biggest discounts.

Her how-to and informational articles have appeared in various online publications and blogs, such as eHow.com.


Jami earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and journalism from the University of Miami.

Expertise: Upcycling, Refurbishing
Education: University of Miami
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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