Jamie McIntosh

Jamie McIntosh
Jamie McIntosh

Jamie McIntosh lives on a suburban plot of land in the Midwest, where she grows plants that don’t mind temperatures that vacillate between -10 degrees and 110 degrees. In the 20+ years she's been gardening, she's blanketed her property in flowerbeds, experimenting with the boundaries of horticulture as we know it. Today, she uses her land and skills to constantly be working on new ideas and projects to inform her work.

You can contact Jamie at jamiemcintosh@writing.com


  • 20+ years experience gardening
  • Has been a contributing writer for The Spruce for 8 years
  • Worked as a feature writer for sites like Organic Gardening at Suite101



Jamie has written about gardening and special occasion flowers for The Spruce since 2011. She also maintains an ever-expanding flower garden, propagating perennials and raising a variety of annuals from seed each year.


Jamie received her Bachelor of Science from Florida State University, and received her M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas. Her post-graduate coursework includes crisis communications, organizational communications, media issues, and rhetoric and research methods. 

Awards and Publications

Jamie was a feature writer for Organic Gardening at Suite101, where she was the recipient of 24 Editors' Choice awards. She was also the grand prize winner of the site-wide interview ace writer's challenge.

Expertise: Gardening
Education: University of Kansas
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Title: Writer

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