Jane Goodall Inspirational Playtime

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    Before Doc McStuffins

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    Among the most common childhood "dream jobs" are occupations that revolve around animals. Children gravitate to the world of helping, studying, learning and conversing with all manner of critters. (Look at how popular the kiddie show Doc McStuffins is!) An animal that most intrigues young children is the chimp. Kids are fascinated by the similarities between themselves and their ape counterparts. This interest isn't a new fad, cultivated by Disney documentaries or YouTube viral videos

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    Jane Goodall, Pioneer and Hero

    Courtesy of The Guardian/Jean-Marc Bouju, AP

     The life of Jane Goodall, whom clever reporters had dubbed "the Queen of the Apes" or "Jane of the Jungle," has been a pioneer in the field of primate study and research since 1960. For more than 55 years, Goodall has given voice to the concerns of environmentalists and conservationists who fight to protect endangered species and preserve their natural landscapes. 

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    An Attraction Right from the Start

    Courtesy of Jane Goodall Institute/Lessons for Hope

     Young Jane was not quite 26 years old, and had only worked professionally as a secretary, when she was selected to go to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania and begin an in-depth analysis of chimp behavior and primate anatomy. The animal enthusiast had been smitten with chimpanzees since infancy. In many interviews and in her own nonfiction books, Goodall talks about getting a stuffed animal named "Jubilee" when she was a mere toddler. Now 80 years later, that lifelike toy is still in her possession, and she credits it with helping to direct her path as a naturalist. Toys and dolls can inspire them to explore careers that will define their present and future ambitions. 

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    Selling Goods and Doing Good

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

     The design team at The Queen's Treasures understands the allure of Jane Goodall and her commitment to studying and explaining the actions and behaviors of chimps in their natural and free-ranging world. They have created a play set and accessories that truly emulate how Jane Goodall lived when she first entered into the field as a quiet and methodical observer.  To help promote and expand her work, as well as the efforts of the conservationists and researchers who are following in her footsteps, the Queen's Treasures team is donating 10% of their sales to the Jane Goodall Institute.

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    Reinventing the Rules

    Courtesy of Jane Goodall Institute

     When world-famous archaeologists and paleontologists Louis and Mary Leakey met Jane Goodall back in 1958, they were bowled over by her knowledge of animals and her raw enthusiasm to become part of their world. They worked as her mentors. The Leakey couple and their colleagues funded Goodall's pursuit of a PhD, and her elevation to a doctoral candidate helped her to gain the scientific standing she so richly deserved.   

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    Realism and Craftsmanship

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

     Living among the chimps, Jane Goodall did not desire the trappings of wealth or material possessions. Her clothing was simple and functional. That is part of the genius of the Queen's Treasures line. The outfit, which they have created, mirrors what Goodall  has often been photographed wearing. Designed for most 18-inch dolls, the clothing set includes the short-sleeved shirt with pockets, cuffed shorts and the blue knit sweater, which Goodall would frequently use to combat the cool temperatures that occurred at night. Exclusively made by the Queen's Treasures, the "Dr. Goodall Camp Outfit" is priced at $23.99.

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    Commitment to Truth and Fair Practices

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

    The conditions that Dr. Goodall faced were trying, but her belief in what she was achieving helped her to overcome a stark and spartan existence. When she first did her groundbreaking work, she lived in a camp that absolutely resembled this set. "The Gombe Rainforest Tent and Cot Set" is constructed according to Goodall's own personal philosophy. It has been produced according to Fair Labor standards. It was made from safe and sustainable material, and the wood that was utilized is "Forest Stewardship Council"certified. In recent years, Goodall has become a passionate advocate for the need to recycle cell phones. It makes sense, then, that recycling is also at the heart of this camp set. Its packaging is created from recycled materials. The rainforest tent set is priced under $120.

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    Tools of the Trade

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

     The day-to-day efforts of Jane Goodall have been meticulously chronicled in her own words, as well as by documentarians, reporters and educators. Goodall has made an impact on the consciousness and imagination of a generation of young women and men. The tools of her trade are available as part of this play environment, too. The "Gombe Rainforest Research Kit" ($54.99) comes in a wooden crate with a slide-close lid. It consists of a spotting scope, camera, a journal where "field notes" can actually be written by your child (or by you), a lantern and a typewriter. The table and chair are part of another set from the Queen's Treasures. The "Gombe Rainforest Camp Table and Chair" are built according to strict environmental guidelines, and is priced at $39.99. Again, all of these accessories are ideal for 18-inch dolls.

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    Opening Up Your Child's World of Imagination

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

     Your child will spend hours upon hours engaged in hands-on play with the Queen's Treasures replication of Jane Goodall and her pioneering undertakings. The accessories (clothing, tent and cot, table and chair, research kit) are recommended for ages 8 and up. The scale is suitable for dolls that measure 18 inches, and these include all the recognizable brand names (American Girl, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, Adora, Tonner My Imagination, etc.).

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    Cuddling with Chimps

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

    Dr. Goodall always said it was because she first went into the field without standard anthropological training that she was able to see and record what she did. She had no preconceived notions, and the chimps were not numbers or data to her. Rather, they became individuals with recognizable attitudes and a civilization that had its own codes of conduct. Some of the chimps that she wrote about have grown to legendary status. These include her "F" family, which consisted initially of  a mother chimp, whom she named Flo, and her children chimps: Faben, Figan, Fifi, Flint and Flame. Goodall went on to chronicle this multigenerational animal family known as the Kasakela Chimpanzee Community. The Queen's Treasures has a pair of soft chimps to stand in for any of the duos that Goodall met. The Mother Chimp measures 11 inches; her baby chimp is 6 inches. Each one features hook-and-loop tabs, which allows for them to be repositioned and to interact with the 18-inch doll of your child's choice. The mama and baby chimp are $26.99.

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    Back into Action

    Courtesy of The Queen's Treasures

     Constructed from soft, realistic faux fur, the child-size backpack is a must-have for budding naturalists and animal enthusiasts. It is cleverly designed and includes a storage pouch with a zipper sewn in for your son or daughter's "treasures." While Goodall was in the rainforest, she observed intimacy and affection between the chimps. She was struck by the maternal embraces that the mother chimps shared with their young. The backpack is made to emulate that tenderness that mother chimps showed to their babies. The backpack is priced at $31.99.

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    A True Child of Nature

    Courtesy of Little, Brown Books for Young

     Perhaps one of the items that can be tucked away in the backpack is the delightful illustrated book Me . . . Jane by Patrick McDonnell. The book traces the close bond that little Jane developed with her childhood stuffed toy, Jubilee. McDonnell bases his story and illustrations on Goodall's own memories, which she shared in her autobiography. Children and parents will enjoy this enthusiastic rendering of how toys do more than just help children fill a few hours. Toys help children fill up their dreams, their hopes and their desires.