Chimps and Lions and Birds, Oh My! We’re Going on a ‘Safari’ at Home

Crate and Kids x Jane Goodall Institute’s collab will spark adventures with kids

Crate and Kids x Jane Goodall Institute collaboration

Crate and Barrel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sure, we can all agree that this is collectively our weirdest, most chaotic year on record. But rather than wishing it all away, we’re putting all of our remaining energy into going out with a bang. We’re officially dedicated to trying our hardest to make this holiday season extra special—especially for the smallest members of our families, whose whole world has gone extra topsy turvy during these trying times.

This is why, as we plan our 2020 gift lists, we were extra excited to find something to be wildly grateful for! The Jane Goodall Institute has collaborated with Crate and Kids to create a collection meant to encourage the next generation to engage with and develop a deep understanding and love for the natural world.

Each piece was lovingly designed to instill a lifelong passion for animals and their natural habitats—a passion that Dr. Goodall has personally developed since she was a young girl. Today, as Dr. Goodall celebrates 60 years of research and discovery, the Jane Goodall Institute works tirelessly as a global conservation organization to improve the lives of people, animals, and the environment. Partnering with Crate and Kids is just one incredible way to bring that passion into our own homes and introduce this mission in an exciting, kid-friendly way.

Created in a time when we’re all finding ourselves at home a lot more, the teams at the Jane Goodall Institute and Crate and Kids hope these pieces will spark curiosity, compassion, and celebration of the wild world. Using bright colors and bold patterns inspired by the eco-systems of the Tanzanian rainforest, the Serengeti, and the Indian Ocean, the collection brings the outdoors in. It’s particularly perfect as we navigate this new world of at-home learning because each piece is built with imaginative, interactive play in mind.

We may not have the holiday season we’re used to this year, but we can still create experiential memories to last a lifetime, all while teaching our kids the importance of the world around us.

Using some of our favorites from this wonderfully curated new line, we’ve crafted an at-home safari experience that will be sure to pique your child’s interest in the great big world, no matter their age. With the help of Dr. Goodall, lead your family of adventurers on a trek deep into the rainforest, out on safari, and under the sea without ever even leaving your home.

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    Fun With Their Very Own Jubilee

    Sitting Chimp Pillo

    Crate and Barrel

    Just like Dr. Goodall, your mini explorer can have a Jubilee of their very own to spark their interest in the lives of animals we don’t see every day. This extremely huggable Sitting Chimp Pillow is the perfect (pri)mate to join them on their big adventure, and like all of the Jane Goodall x Crate&kids textiles, she’s made of 100% organic cotton. Adventure awaits!

    Buy: Sitting Chimp Pillow, $34

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    Time to Head to Work and Make a Plan

    play home

    Crate and Barrel 

    Welcome to Tanzania! First thing in the morning, lead your tiny primatologist to their very own research tent in the Jane Goodall Playhome. The cotton canvas is painted with stunning details, including a chimpanzee, a map, and research equipment. With a roll-up door flap and a roof made of screened windows, your kids will be transported into a magical world of make-believe that will help them better understand how the field office of an anthropologist like Dr. Goodall actually works.

    Buy: Jane Goodall Playhome, $199

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    Sit Down for a Good Breakfast

    printed blue chair

    Crate and Barrel

    The fun doesn’t have to stop for a breakfast break. Pull up one of these Printed Play Chairs and have a well-rounded meal before heading out on your big adventure. We’re partial to the blue palm leaf, but they’re made to mix-and-match, with other patterns including Animal Print, Orange Stripe, and Yellow Squiggle. Sorry. Bananas for Jubilee not included.

    Buy: Printed Play Chairs, $79

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    Hop in the Jeep and Go

    jeep pillow

    Crate and Barrel

    Grab Jubilee, and now the true adventure begins. Let this Jeep Pillow take you over the river, through the woods… and out into the African bush. But wear your seatbelt, because things can get awfully bumpy out here! And if you decide to hop out and go for a walkabout on foot, watch out for snakes!

    Buy: Jeep Pillow, $34

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    Shh… Time to Sit and Observe

    small chair

    Crate and Barrel

    All the best primatologists know that sometimes the best method is to just sit back and watch. When you’ve reached your destination, cozy up in the Small Nod Chair and observe the animals in their natural habitat. Available in a variety of adorable patterns, the cover also features a hand pocket on the back. It’s especially ideal for holding binoculars, maps, and most importantly: snacks. Bonus points to any parents who really go all in and pretend to be the chimpanzees your little one is watching for.

    Buy: Small Nod Chair, $64-$119 (options to buy only the cover, cover + insert, and personalized or non-personalized)

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    Absorb the Wonders of the Serengeti


    Crate and Barrel 

    Look out, it’s a lion! Yes, this stunning Serengeti quilt is made of soft, organic cotton that’s perfect for snuggling and snoozing. But before you make the bed, drape the quilt over the sofa or a pair of chairs and create a backdrop that will wow your adventurer. And is that an antelope off in the distance?

    Hang this Serengeti sham somewhere else in the room and see if they can name all the animals they see. Did you know that elephants are the largest land mammals in the world? Or that giraffes sleep standing up? And can someone please tell us: what sound does a zebra make?

    Bonus activity: The Crate&kids website features some fun print-outs to print and color. Just click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Buy: Organic Serengeti Quilt, $169

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    Never Underestimate the Importance of Camouflage

    stroller blanket

    Crate and Barrel

    We kind of want this Leopard Baby Stroller Blanket in grown-up size. But in the meantime, wrap your little one up for a safari-inspired game of hide-and-go-seek. Use this wildlife print to teach your animal lover about the importance of camouflage in the wild world. But fair warning: once they blend in with the background, it’ll be super tricky to find them!

    Buy: Leopard Baby Stroller Blanket, $49

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    Take a Trek Deep Into the Rainforest

    crib blanket

    Crate and Barrel

    The Serengeti was fun, but now it's time to look for birds in the rainforest. Take in the colorful birds on the Tropical Bird Organic Quilt and maybe even use them as inspiration for a little watercolor painting project of your own. Look for the bright bill of the toucan, whistle like a cockatiel, and spot kingfishers, cranes, and Guinea turacos set among a backdrop of banana leaves.

    Buy: Tropical Bird Organic Quilt, $129

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    Time for a Swim

    leopard towel

    Crate and Barrel

    Every animal knows that the best way to end the day is with a soak! Hop in the tub and splash like a hippo! Spray water like an elephant! But uh oh… is that a leopard lurking in the corner? This hooded towel is made to be extra snuggly soft and can even be personalized with their name. Your hardest decision will be deciding if they’ll look cutest as the leopard, the giraffe, or the zebra.

    Buy: Kids Leopard Organic Hooded Towel, $39

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    Fall Asleep by the Sea

    Sea Life Sleeping Bag

    Crate and Barrel

    What a day! But all the leading researchers need their rest. And what better place to snooze than to the sound of lapping waves? Let your sleepy little marine biologist curl up slip into this Sea Life Sleeping Bag and snuggle in the sands of the the Indian Ocean! Recap the adventure as your kiddo drifts off into dreams of whale songs and schools of fish. We love that this one can be personalized, too.

    Buy: Sea Life Sleeping Bag, $119

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    Get Some Inspiration for Tomorrow's Adventure

    Jane Goodall Book

    Crate and Barrel

    Tuck your little one in with a bedtime story about their new hero with Little People, Big Dreams: Jane Goodall. This illustrated biography reveals how it all began: with a toy chimpanzee named Jubilee, gifted to Jane by her father. Follow along with Jane’s story as she lives with chimpanzees in their natural habitat, pioneers a new approach to research, and today educates the public on animal rights. The illustrations alone will put a smile on your primatologist-in-training’s tiny face, and the story serves as a thrilling introduction to the Gombe National Park in Tanzania. It’s here that Dr. Jane first traveled to study chimpanzees, and as the most biodiverse country in Africa with the biggest mammal population, many safaris are to be had.

    Buy: Little People, Big Dreams: Jane Goodall, $14.99

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    Start 'Em Young

    tropical sheet

    Crate and Barrel

    And if you really want to start ‘em young, check out the Tropical Bird Organic Crib Fitted Sheet, the Animal Baby Blanket, or this Set of 3 Organic Swaddles. They’ll all serve as stunning nursery accent pieces for the newest adventurer in your safari squad.

With Jubilee in their arms, your mini anthropologist is on track to change the world, just like Dr. Goodall. Best of all, thanks to this new collection, the fun doesn’t have to stop at the end of the day! Giving your children the gift of adventure—even at home—is the first step in creating a passion for the wider world. Let this newfound love lead them out to the backyard, through nearby parks and playgrounds, and into the great big beyond with a growing love for learning and a passion for animals. Hopefully, they come right back to their brand-new research facility to document their findings.