Japanese Autumn Dishes

Autumn is a time of harvest, and many ingredients are in season. Here is a list of autumn dishes.

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    Rice with Mushrooms

    Rice and mushrooms
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    Glutinous rice (mochigome) are seasoned and steamed/boiled with mushrooms.

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    Deep-fried Tofu with Mushroom Sauce

    Mushroom sauce
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    Deep-fried tofu served with dashi-based sauce is called agedashi dofu in Japan. This is agedashi dofu served with mushroom sauce.

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    Mushroom soup
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    A variety of mushrooms are harvested in autumn. You can use various mushrooms and harusame (cellophane noodles) to make this soup.

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    Kabocha Amani

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    Kabocha has slightly sweet taste and commonly simmered in Japanese cooking.

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    Kuri Gohan

    Japanese chestnuts
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    Kuri is the Japanese word for chestnuts. Since delicious kuri are harvested in fall, kurigohan which is steamed rice with kuri, is a popular Japanese autumn dish.

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    Sweet potatoes
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    Daigakuimo (college potatoes) is candied sweet potatoes and makes a tasty snack.

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    Niku Dofu

    Tofu in interesting bowl
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    It's simmered meat and tofu. Add various mushrooms to make this dish in autumn.