Best Dishes for Hosting a Japanese Girls' Day (Hinamatsuri) Party

March 3rd is Japanese Girls’ Day or Hinamatsuri. On this day, ornate dolls are displayed in the family home to mark the beginning of spring and to wish good health and good fortune for all of the girls in the family.

To celebrate Hinamatsuri, some parents host parties for their daughters and their friends to view their beautiful dolls and enjoy delicious foods together. Although I was raised in the United States, my parents continued a similar tradition by hosting a Girls’ Day lunch on my behalf,...MORE and I’m happy to be able to continue this tradition for my daughter.

In this article, you’ll find 10 great dishes from our Japanese food blog for easily hosting a Japanese Girls’ Day or Hinamatsuri party. For my daughter’s party, I try to keep the menu fairly simple with the following basics, and focus on dishes that can easily feed 10 to 15 people:

  • Sushi or Rice Dish
  • Fish Dish
  • Chicken or Beef Dish
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Fruit
  • Mochi Dessert

10 Best Girls' Day (Hinamatsuri) Dishes: Get the Recipes Now!

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    Chi Chi Dango. © Hideki Ueha

    These pillowy soft bites of mochi are made of glutinous rice flour and coconut milk. These pink, soft mochi are an absolute favorite among children.

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    Sakura Mochi. © Judy Ung

    Sakura mochi is a glutinous rice dish that is often enjoyed during Hinamatsuri. This slightly sweetened, pink mochi is filled with sweet red beans (koshian) and wrapped in a salted sakura (young cherry blossom) leaf.

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    Seafood Chirashi Sushi
    Quick and Easy Seafood Chirashi Sushi. © Judy Ung

    Use a shortcut of packaged sushi seasoning to quickly season steamed rice and add pre-cooked gomoku vegetables. Add your favorite toppings of choice.

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    Edamame Mixed Rice (Japanese Maze Gohan). © Hideki Ueha

    This dish is easy to prepare, especially for large crowds. Steamed rice is mixed with furikake seasoning, bottled nametake (seasoned mushrooms), and shelled edamame for a delicious rice dish.

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    Inari Sushi "Footballs". Tomohiro Iwanaga/a.collectionRF/Getty Images

    Preparing a dish for a large crowd doesn’t need to be complicated. Find out the secrets of making quick inari sushi with impressive results.

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    Cabbage Ramen Salad. © Judy Ung

    This spin on the traditional Chinese chicken salad recipe uses crunchy dried ramen noodles, cabbage, and shredded chicken to create a zesty Japanese-fusion salad. 

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    Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Wings. © Hideki Ueha

    Let your slow cooker do all the work to whip-up a batch of delicious teriyaki chicken wings with just a few ingredients, and use the free time to prepare a few other dishes. 

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    Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs (Tsukune). © Judy Ung

    These meatballs are a favorite among children, and they are seasoned in a simple teriyaki-style sauce.

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    Grilled Miso Marinated Salmon. © Judy Ung

    Miso-grilled salmon can easily be prepared by making the marinade ahead of time and then letting the salmon marinade for a few days in the fridge. All you need is an oven or a grill to cook up delicious fillets in under 40 minutes.

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    Japanese Clam Soup (Asari No Sumashijiru). Koki Iino/ Getty Images

    A traditional soup that is often enjoyed on Hinamatsuri is clam soup. This clear style soup is known as sumashijiru and is simply seasoned from the broth of the clams.