Jeff Beneke

Jeff Beneke is a home renovation and conversion expert. He has also edited and written multiple articles and books on the topic.


  • Author of more than a dozen books that cover garage and basement conversions
  • More than three years experience writing for The Spruce on home renovation and conversion topics


Jeff Beneke is a former writer for The Spruce contributing articles about all things garage for more than three years. He has written more than a dozen books related to home renovation, repair, and maintenance and contributed to another dozen. Beneke has also published articles and reviews on home improvement for a wide range of publications such as Popular Mechanics.

A former editor of Fine Homebuilding Books at the Taunton Press, Beneke has kept busy renovating two 19th-century farmhouses in upstate New York and a mid-20th-century house in Austin, Texas. He has built scores of storage units, bookcases, kitchen cabinets, and tool caddies. Beneke's idea of a great garage is one filled with tools, lumber, and workbenches rather than cars.


After completing an apprenticeship program, Beneke worked as a machinist for many years in Texas and Connecticut. Along the way, he picked up a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Houston and a Master's degree at the University of Rochester. He is a largely self-taught carpenter, cabinetmaker, electrician, and plumber.

  • "Converting Garages, Attics & Basements" (Sunset Pub Co, 2001)
  • "The Fence Bible" (Storey Publishing, LLC, 2005)
  • "How to Paints Walls, Ceilings, Trim & Exteriors" (Sterling Pub Co Inc, 1998)
Expertise: Home renovation

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