5 Fun Ideas for Throwing a Jelly Bean Bash

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Jelly beans may be most closely associated with Easter, but did you know this candy treat has its very own holiday? Though no one is sure of the origin, National Jelly Bean Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. Perhaps some retailer thought it up in an attempt to unload the leftover candy? Whatever the reason, we agree that jelly beans are something to celebrate. And whether you’re hosting an Easter party for kids, honoring this candy-inspired holiday or simply love jelly beans, the jelly bean party theme is a fun and colorful way to celebrate.

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    Jelly Bean Themed Invitations

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    One idea for making your own jelly bean themed invitations is to glue jelly beans around the edges of the front of traditional card style invitations. Once the jelly beans are attached to the card, however, they may not fit into the envelopes, so it’s probably best to use this idea for invitations that can be delivered by hand.

    If you want to mail your invitations, consider postcard invitations, which are fairly easy to create and send. A cute idea is to arrange a bunch of jelly beans to form the word “Party!” Take a picture of this jelly bean arrangement and use it as the postcard image, then simply write the party details on the back.

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    Decorating for a Jelly Bean Party

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    To decorate for a jelly bean party, you will need—what else?—plenty of jelly beans. The good news is that you don’t need much else. Throw in a glue gun and some basic paper party products, and you’re pretty much-done gathering decorating supplies.​

    Decorating Ideas

    • Fill a jar or large, clear bowl with jelly beans. Place it as the centerpiece with jelly beans sprinkled around it on the table. (Count the jelly beans so guests can guess how many are inside the centerpiece.)
    • Glue jelly beans around the edges of paper placemats. Set your party plates in the center of the placemats, so they appear to be outlined in jelly beans.
    • Spell each guests name out in jelly beans on top of their plates.
    • Glue jelly beans around the bottom rim of your plastic party cups.
    • Create jelly bean party hats by gluing jelly beans to traditional cone-shaped party hats.
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    Games and Activities

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    Along with guessing how many jelly beans are in the centerpiece, there are a variety of games and activities kids can play at a jelly bean party.

    Fun Jelly Bean Games

    • Blindfold Taste Test
      Blindfold players and have them taste and guess the flavors of a variety of gourmet jelly beans.
    • Jelly Bean Scavenger Hunt
      Scatter and hide jelly beans all over the party area. Give kids lists with specific amounts of colored jelly beans to find—5 red, 3 blue, 2 black, 4 pink​—Players who return with all of their correct colors choose a prize from a basket. (Have enough prizes available for all players, but the fastest hunters get the first choice.)
    • Jelly Bean Cup Toss
      Line up several cups on the floor. Draw a line a couple of feet away for kids to stand behind and attempt to toss jelly beans into the cups.

    In addition to games, kids at a jelly bean party can also enjoy creating crafts. Suggestions include:

    • Make jelly bean Krispy treats
    • Jelly Bean Paper Plate Wreath
      Cut a hole in the center of a paper plate to create a wreath. Punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon through it (to use for hanging the wreath). Kids can then glue jelly beans in any pattern of colors they wish to decorate their wreaths.
    • Jelly Bean Bracelets
      Replace the beads in a bracelet making kit with jelly beans. Kids may need help pushing a needle and string through the jelly beans, so have an adult on hand to assist them).
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    Party Food

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    Let’s face it, when it comes to party food, kids don’t exactly expect to eat healthily. Serving jelly beans for lunch, however, is really not the best way to approach a party menu, no matter the theme. You can, however, cut items like sandwiches, quesadillas or pizza muffins into bean shapes. Or you can set up your party food on colorful platters that match the colors of a bag of jelly beans and sprinkle actual jelly beans (kind of like confetti) all around the serving table.

    Even though you won’t be using jelly beans as the main fare, you can certainly serve them for dessert! Try this jelly bean fudge, create jelly bean flower cupcakes or simply top your favorite frosted cake or cupcakes with jelly beans.

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    Party Favors

    Jellybean Favors
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    If your party includes crafts such as the jelly bean wreaths or bracelets, guests can take them home as the party favors. In addition, what could be a more suitable gift for a jelly bean party than a bag of jelly beans?