Jenny Hughes


Jenny Hughes joined Dotdash as Editor for The Spruce in 2021. As Editor, Jenny assigns, edits, and publishes décor and garden content written by a team of experts. With a background in audience growth, she works on a variety of projects to help The Spruce be a resource and inspiration for even more people.


  • 4+ years of digital content experience
  • Spent more than 3 years editing and growing a lifestyle site
  • Pro at crafting & DIY


Jenny joined the Dotdash team in February 2021 for a position that combines her personal passions of crafting, home & DIY with her professional passions. Prior to working at The Spruce, she was a content manager at Belvoir Media Group and the editor of Frenchly, a lifestyle website for people interested in all things France. While at Frenchly, she led the brand through a period of unprecedented growth in readership. Jenny has also worked as a content & SEO manager for small businesses across the U.S. and had her writing published on The Daily Beast, MessyNessyChic, and more.

From woodworking with her dad at a young age to working in a boutique craft store in Brooklyn to spending a summer working as a professional organizer, crafting, home & DIY have always been a part of Jenny's life.


Jenny received a Bachelor of Arts from Bowdoin College in Maine. Her studies focused primarily on French, education, and writing.

5 Questions with Jenny

What is your zodiac sign? 

Taurus—and I identify strongly with being one.

Describe your home style in a few words or phrases

Eclectic, mid-century modern, full of plants.

What is your favorite thing you own and why?.

Of my sentimental possessions, it would be a ring I got from my grandma when I turned 18. It's two organic-shaped mother of pearl stones in a thick, gold band.

In my home, I love my vintage letterpress typeset drawer. I picked it up at a flea market in Bridgeport, CT and it holds all my tiniest souvenirs and knick-knacks

What's your most dreaded chore? 

Cleaning the stove. It gets dirty so easily, and it's always messier to clean than I think it's going to be.

What is your favorite season and why?

The middle months of fall. It's chilly enough to wear jeans and a favorite jacket, and it's the right time in New England for the best fall foliage. Additionally, mid-fall is prime time for apple cider and apple cider donuts, and it's the beginning of pomegranate season, and I cannot get enough of any of those.

Education: Bowdoin College
Location: Stamford, CT
Title: Editor

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