Introducing a Podcast to Help Get Your Home in Order, Hosted by Jeremiah Brent

Living room with fireplace surrounded by white-themed decor and houseplants

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Podcasts have undoubtedly gained traction in the past few years. When tuning into a podcast, we hope to listen to something that soothes us, intrigues us, or at the very least, keeps our minds intentional and busy. As home enthusiasts, we are always tuning in to shows hosted by our favorite designers and decorators—and we discovered the latest must-listen-to podcast that is redefining how we view our homes. Sounds intriguing, right?

California Closets just debuted their podcast, Ideas of Order, which goes far beyond the closet, intentioned instead for your whole home. And, who better to host than lauded designer and decorator, Jeremiah Brent?

"My intention when deciding to do Ideas of Order was for all of us to discover new things about home: what different perspectives and ideas are out there, how those evolve and change, how they differ from one another," Brent tells The Spruce. "It’s really an opportunity for discovery."

The podcast is out now, with the first episode featuring none other than Brent's husband and partner-in-design, Nate Berkus. And soon to come is a roster of more amazing tastemakers and designers, from Rachel Zoe and Athena Calderone to Tan France.

Jeremiah Brent's new podcast, Ideas of Order
Courtesy of California Closets

We chatted with Brent and Edward Leaman, California Closets Chief Brand Officer, to learn more about the new venture and what listeners can hope to learn. Brent's conversations are all about making a home matter to you, and we're ready to listen in.

How the Podcast Came to Be

The way people are living at home and how they want to be feeling at home can differ drastically, and this podcast is here to help bridge the gap. Leaman of California Closets is excited about the new venture for the brand—and knew that Brent was the right voice for the show.

"We have long admired Jeremiah’s customer-centric approach and the deep emotional connection he brings to his work and relationships," Leaman says. "We love his energy and empathy, and we share his passion for the stories, memories, and personal spaces that make a house a home."

On the Podcast's Topics of Discussion

Listeners of the podcast can expect to hear an incredibly personal and meaningful approach to how to decorate your home. Its sound and approach are totally soothing—always a great quality of a podcast—and Brent hopes to inform the audience about the ever-changing decorating landscape.

"The idea around the home is changing quite dramatically—beauty is being redefined," Brent says. "The next era of home is going to be about personalization and making it a space that can hold you. It’s not just about making something categorically beautiful anymore, it’s about how home can become an extension of you: your stories, your experiences, your future, your past, and your present."

It’s about how home can become an extension of you: your stories, your experiences, your future, your past, and your present.

Ideas of Order is about digging into personal experiences that have shaped listeners' encounters with home. And, the special guests Brent brings abroad are discussing their own feelings and journeys, bringing lots of expert perspectives to the table.

"Hopefully, listeners will start asking themselves some of the questions I ask the guests and in doing so, discover how to redefine home for themselves," Brent says.

The meaning of home has shifted dramatically for Brent over the past few years, and getting a chance to discuss it on the podcast is a venture he is excited about.

"For me, home will always be my family—my two children, my husband, and wherever we are together," he says. "I’ve realized it has less to do with how pretty something is and more to do with the echoes of memories that space holds. I look around and I love everything in our home, but if I had to sell it tomorrow, I could."