How to Integrate Jewel Tones Into Your Decor

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    Give Your Home a Royal Upgrade

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    Jewel tones are 2018's biggest sleeper hit. These luxurious colors have been popping up in textiles and accents for a while now, but expect to see amethyst and emerald and topaz take the starring role in living rooms across the country this year. Sherwin-Williams picked the blue-green Oceanside as their color of the year, and Pantone chose Ultra Violet, a rather regal shade. Dark and inviting, rich and complex, these colors bring depth and dimension to an otherwise-ordinary home.

    However, jewel tones are often found in broad swaths: entire rooms painted violet or enormous couches in royal blue velvets. Which is, to be fair, lovely indeed. But fitting those into your home without spending thousands of dollars or trashing your beloved, comfortable white couch can be a challenge. Fit jewel tones into your home without the cost or stress with these 8 tips.

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    Sleep on It

    After years of a nationwide obsession with Scandinavian-inspired minimalism, your home may be chock-full of neutral decor. Desperate to keep that white couch? Understandable. You can still give it a modern upgrade by choosing a glamorous jewel-toned velvet throw pillow. Or select a colorful floor cushion, like these round velvet poufs from Urban Outfitters. They'll even make a brown couch sing, like in this living room redo from The Cape on the Corner. (As a bonus, they add more seating — and more seating means more friends.)

    Blue Pouf by The Cape on the Corner

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    Update Furniture With Paint

    An old, dated dresser you're debating throwing in the dumpster is the perfect place to play with daring shades. Pick your favorite jewel-tone paint and give the drawers a renovation. This inexpensive DIY can bring style to an otherwise boring room. But don't forget a crucial element: the dresser's hardware. Dull, black handles may not match your new, jazzy color scheme. Re-tiqued by Rae Bond matched a sapphire dresser with gold handles for a complete face lift. Consider spray-painting the hardware in a metallic sheen for a perfect pairing — or buy something new.

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    Create an Accent Wall

    Painting a single piece of furniture not enough jewel tone for you? Committing an entire room to such a bold new color can feel intimidating, but accent walls are made for this kind of decor exploration. What's the worst that can happen? Okay, fine, another evening spent painting. But the rewards are worth it: an accent wall instantly transforms a room's mood — like this single green wall centers the space in this bedroom from Journal des Femmes.


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    Curate Your Gallery Wall

    Gone are the days of the black-and-white gallery walls and identical wooden frames. Our walls should be bold, colorful, and vivid — just like our personalities. Think big brush strokes, abstract shapes, and (of course) jewel tones. Select artwork that reflects your favorite gems and frame them neutrally to highlight the bold colors. You don't have to take down all your other art, but consider grouping your brightest pieces together. Need inspiration? Bright.Bazaar weaves gorgeous blues into his carefully edited gallery wall.

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    Wallpaper Your Space (Temporarily)

    Removable wallpaper is a fantastic way to get your funky-color fix. These peel-and-stick solutions let you add color without worrying about regret. Hate it? Just pull it down. And the temporary nature lets you play with pattern and color — like this monstera-leaf wallpaper from Etsy that combines a vivid emerald color with another 2018 trend: jungalow-style patterns. Need inspiration? Daily Dose of Charm gave a funky-shaped wall some attitude with removable wallpaper.

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    Stick a Bouquet in It

    An abundant bouquet of flowers bring their own jewel tones into the home — and placing the stems in a brightly colored vase doubles the glamour. Celebrate spring with these slightly transparent bud vases, or pick up this sapphire-and-gold vessel to showcase seasonal blooms all year. Pairing amethyst with graphic black-and-white accessories always makes a statement, like this playful desk decor from littleBIGBELL. Even once the jewel tone trend dies down (which will hopefully be never), these colorful accessories will always be in style.

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    Dramatize Your Duvet

    Your bed is a showcase, and if you're eager for a spot to display these vibrant jewel colors, there's no better spot than your duvet. (No easier spot, too.) Pick a perfectly-cozy comforter and top it with a gem-inspired duvet or a dramatic blue quilt (as always, look to Emily Henderson for inspiration). Once you're all tucked in to your new bed, you'll feel cozy as a glamorous bug in a royal rug. Pair with white sheets for a crisp effect, or go all-out and turn your entire bed into a gemstone.

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    Lay a Rug Down

     A rug can transform a room, and a beautifully overdyed rug can be a surprise source of jewel tones. Royal blues, verdant greens, reds rich as rubies. Saturated colors immediately draw the eyes, turning your living space into a glamorous escape. Pick a size that fits your space and a shade that matches the rest of your decor — a deep blue pops against brick walls, like in this living room from James Maynard, and sultry reds can enhance the drama against blonde wood floors.

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    Frame the View

    Light, flowing drapery has been trending for the past few years. But if you're seeking to maximize drama, evocative jewel tones can create a formal sitting room worthy of a dramatic soirée. Pair emerald curtains with a bronze and acrylic bar, like in this striking dining room from Laura U Interior Design. The combination plays perfectly off the crisp white beadboard and gray-brown walls, creating a room that might just monopolize the dinner-table conversation.

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    Pair Similar Shades

    Love the lush, all-jewels-all-the-time look? Without a billionaire's budget, you probably can't paint the walls, buy new matching chairs and a delightfully turquoise sofa and re-accessorize everything. Still, the look is attainable on a tinier budget: pick one or two adored shades to highlight. This living room from Laroya & Co gets that luxuriant, gembox look without a top-down reno by pairing citrine and sapphire.