Joanna Gaines' New Paint Collection Is Timeless Over Trendy

The Castle Collection is available now through KILZ

Joanna Gaines

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Courtesy of Magnolia

For Joanna Gaines, it's important that color tells a story, whether it's in her own home or the homes she designs. So when she and her husband, Chip, began renovating the castle featured in their new series, 'Fixer Upper: The Castle', Gaines knew she wanted the paint colors she used to be timeless—and the kinds of colors that other people would want to use in their own homes.

The result is a new curated paint collection from Magnolia Home and KILZ, aptly named The Castle Collection. It's a beautiful range of 10 colors that feel in line with the classic and neutral shades we've come to love and expect from Magnolia Home, with a regal twist. The collection launched on October 14, the same day the new series premiered on Magnolia Network, HBO Max, and Discovery+, and viewers will be able to see the new paint collection in an episode airing October 28.

Magnolia Home Castle Collection paint palette

Courtesy of KILZ

“We worked for months developing these colors that felt right for the castle, that felt timeless, but also fresh in some way," Gaines tells The Spruce. "It just fits so well in the castle. But I truly believe it can fit well in any style of home."

Letting the Castle Inspire Color

As viewers will see, the castle renovation wasn't as straightforward as other projects, because the home's layout and rooms weren't designed for or convenient for modern life. Gaines began the project by identifying what purpose each room would serve, and then the colors began to take shape.

"For the most part I let the castle kind of inspire me in each of these spaces, each of the rooms. And when we did this renovation, I had to make up in my mind a little bit the story for who was going to potentially buy it one day. I wanted to have fun with it so I wasn’t just designing a space just to design it," Gaines says. "I wanted each room to have a specific character and a story, and paint always led in those areas.”

Magnolia Home Castle paints

Courtesy of KILZ

In the butler's pantry, for instance, Gaines says she opted for Cottage Grove, which looks like a blue or a green, depending on the time of day. Rosy Pink, which is what Gaines describes as a vintage or heirloom pink that's not too bright, was inspired by her own home, her daughters, and her grandmother Agnes Rose. Drawing Room is a nice warm gray that's named after the drawing room in the castle. Step Stool Green was literally inspired by a vintage step stool Gaines had, and became the color for the guest bathroom.

"Within my own home, when we first moved in everything was white. Now each room has its own specific color," she says. "So I did the same thing with the castle, because I just feel like color can go so far."

Magnolia Home Castle paints

Courtesy of KILZ

Timelessness Rather Than Trendiness

When it comes to trends and color, Gaines would rather opt for timelessness. "I feel like what you see here with Cottage Grove, with Conservatory, even Moody Fig, which is like a deep burgundy, I just feel like these colors just feel richer. They feel timeless in a way where when you put it up it doesn’t feel like a trendy color, it feels like a color you’ve known kind of your whole life," she says.

She sees color as a personal expression, and suggests people should decorate their own homes using the colors that speak to them. Whether it's with paint colors or accents like throw pillows and rugs, Gaines hopes people have fun with color. She says her curated color palettes—both The Castle Collection and her main Magnolia Home collection—are just a way to help guide people and take the guesswork out of choosing a color.

"I think we’re all to a point where it’s like, let’s let our homes be a reflection of who we are," she says. "There’s so much we have internally that we’re wanting to express. I think our home is always the best place to do that."