4 Jobs for Kids

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    Job Ideas for Kids

    My children were born entrepreneurs. They have always had a desire to work and earn money. We believe it is great to encourage this character in kids. But with labor laws, what jobs can kids do?

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    A Lemonade Stand

    I have thought about setting up my own lemonade stand after seeing all of the cash my kids have raked in. I am sure I would not bring in nearly the same amount of money. People love to see kids working for money. They will pay them well just to keep them encouraged. My kids once sold one cup of lemonade to a lady and she gave them $20 each. That is a $60 cup of lemonade!

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    Mother (or Fathers) Helper

    Even if your child is not old enough to babysit on their own, they may be able to work as a mother's helper. Plenty of families work from home these days and sometimes they need help keeping their young children occupied while they work. Basically, your kid could be paid just to play.  It will also prepare them with experience for a babysitting job in the future.

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    Mowing Lawns

    If your kid is old enough to use lawn equipment, they could get a few jobs in your neighborhood mowing lawns. A lot of people do not have time to do this themselves and a kid could start a pretty lucrative business.

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    Pet Care

    You may have to assist with this job, but it is a great way to gain experience for a future business. Your kids can be hired to care for people's pets while they are on vacation. My oldest child now has a full-fledged pet sitting business. She started with feeding cats and cleaning litter boxes for friends and relatives.