John Mayer Just Launched a New Line of Laundry Products

The collaboration with The Laundress is called 'Way Out West'

John Mayer's 'Way Out West' laundry collection with The Laundress

Courtesy of The Laundress

John Mayer, the Grammy Award-winning singer most famous for hits like "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and "Waiting on the World to Change," isn't just a musician. And in a new collaboration with The Laundress, he's branching out and exploring his love of laundry.

The collection, called Way Out West, launches November 3rd exclusively on, and features a laundry detergent and a fabric spray in a signature scent.

The Laundress has been a popular premium lifestyle brand since it launched in 2004, producing eco-friendly laundry detergent, fabric care, and cleaning products.

The new collection continues their tradition of creating high-quality cleaning products that are gentle on clothing. The laundry detergent is made of an all-purpose formula that can be used on all fabric types, while the fabric spray can be used on most fabrics and around the home to freshen furniture, sneakers, luggage, and more.

John Mayer and The Laundress' Lindsey Boyd

Courtesy of The Laundress

“I first discovered The Laundress products over six years ago, and we aligned so organically on the philosophy that if you love fashion, you should be into fabric care,” said Mayer in a press release. “I find something so meditative about the process, which makes laundry day a very soothing ritual for me. Way Out West is an extension and embodiment of that passion, and I am so proud to introduce everyone to the new collection.”

Inspired by a Love of Textiles

While the collaboration may be surprising to some, it comes as a natural extension of Mayer's love of fashion and vintage clothing—and a desire to keep his clothes looking their best and lasting longer.

“From day one, we set out to create expertly crafted formulas that care for and protect your clothes, virtually eliminating the need for dry cleaning. We also knew we wanted fragrance to anchor the brand and that our scent experience would be equally as important as the performance of our products,” said Lindsey Boyd, Co-Founder of The Laundress, in a press release.

And it's not the first time Mayer and The Laundress have partnered. They released his first collection, 'Out West,' in September 2016.

John Mayer holds a bottle of Way Out West Fabric Fresh

Courtesy of The Laundress

Creating a Meditative Laundry Experience

In a virtual launch event for the collaboration on November 2, Mayer talked at length about the meditative aspect and joy he finds from doing his own laundry, and how washing his laundry with a familiar scent while he's on the road can help him feel more at home.

The fragrance of the Way Out West laundry products certainly helps to make the laundry experience more enjoyable. The signature scent features amyris, black pepper, neroli, cedar, sandalwood, and musk—a scent that's at once warm and cozy without being too overpowering.

“Scents’ magic ability to transport you to another place or time made creating the Way Out West fragrance so special. John wanted to evoke a specific and nostalgic feeling with this scent: the warmth and comfort that home brings us. I’m so proud of this collaboration. As always, working alongside John to bring this collection to life was an amazing experience for the entire team,” said Boyd.

The Way Out West Signature Detergent is available in a 16 fl oz bottle for $20, while the Fabric Fresh will be $16 for 8 fl oz.