Where to Find Local Clubs and Activities to Join When You Move

Smiling friends relaxing at beach

David Lees/Getty Images

If you're moving to a new community, one of the best ways to find new friends and get involved in neighborhood activities is to join local clubs and volunteer groups. There are several online tools to help you start building a local network with people who share your interests and hobbies.


If you spend any time online you may already be familiar with this get-together website. Meetup is a great resource for people who want to find and engage with like-minded locals who enjoy the same things you do. From book clubs and dining clubs to groups that gather for wine tasting, hiking, skiing, and more, you'll find everything you need right here. And because this site is mainly a way for people to set up meetings and events to get together, all the socializing takes place offline, as opposed to online chat rooms or other web spaces.


An InstaMeet is a group of Instagrammers who get together to take pictures and videos to share with one another as well as with a larger community online. There are different options for getting involved. You can join a group that's already established by using the map of your area and zooming into events that are posted. Postings provide information about when and where to meet and what to expect from the event. You can also set up your own group. Your group can meet anywhere, any time and can have as many people as you want to attend. Most groups focus on the outdoors, but they don't have to.

If you want to join a group that's already established, use the map on the site to find one in your new area. An InstaMeet can happen anywhere and be any size. It's a great opportunity to share or learn tips and tricks with other community members in your area, and it's a good excuse to get out and explore someplace new.


Nextdoor provides a forum for people who live in a specific community to share information with one another. Postings can involve anything from recommendations for services, stuff for sale or to give away, and crime notices. Nextdoor also provides a social space for people to meet and set up neighborhood events. Some communities have used it to organize get-togethers and rallies to support local initiatives. Local government representatives also may post information they think residents need to know and to solicit feedback and input.


This is a great site for all things active—tennis, running, soccer, football, cycling, hiking, swimming, and more—where you'll find clubs, events, and teams to join in your area. It's designed for athletes of all ages and abilities and includes educational content on a variety of sports- and health-related topics.

Meet the Neighbors

Started by the founder of The Lunch Club (now defunct), Meet the Neighbors is an online resource that helps you meet your neighbors via a common site, whether they live within your zip code or right in the same building. Visit the site and enter your zip code on the homepage to find out instantly whether there's a group in your area. If not, you can start a new group. Similar to Nextdoor, Meet the Neighbors is great for organizing or learning about events, activities, and message boards.