Jonathan Landsman

Jonathan Landsman is a professional horticulturist, writer, educator, and city planner for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.


  • Professional horticulturist in New York City
  • City Planner for NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
  • Masters degree in horticulture from Cornell University
  • Educator at public and botanic gardens


Jonathan Landsman was a writer for The Spruce covering topics in pruning and grafting trees and shrubs. Landsman is is a professional horticulturist in New York City who has worked as a horticulturist and educator at public and botanic gardens including Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

He currently serves as City Planner for Interagency Coordination for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. 

He is an instructor at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on the topic of Plant Identification and Botany. He is a past instructor at the Children's Garden.

Landsman enjoys teaching others to garden. He is a photographer and has compiled a large library of botanical photos and pictures of all aspects of city horticulture which he uses in his articles and submits to others' blogs. 


Landsman earned a masters degree in horticulture at Cornell University. He was a full scholarship fellow of the Cornell Plantations Public Garden Leadership program, a research-thesis and based masters program in the administration of botanical gardens and arboreta.

Expertise: Horticulture
Education: Cornell University
Location: New York, New York
Title: City Planner for Interagency Coordination

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