Joseph Lewitin

Flooring insider and freelance writer Joseph Lewitin specializes in breaking down complex information about your floors, and presenting it in a fun and easy to understand manner.


Joseph grew up with the flooring industry, and began working in his father's tile import warehouse by the age of thirteen. He spent five years there, engaged in every aspect of the flooring industry, from design and fabrication, to maintenance and repair.

After graduating from Binghamton University with a Bachelor's degree, Joseph went on to found PebbleArt Stone Inc. - one of the largest flooring material stores on the internet. Specializing in natural stone, the company offers materials to both contractors and private individuals, as well as custom fabricated natural stone pieces for a variety of decorative applications.

During this time Joseph has also pursued a vigorous freelance writing career, and he has been published in a variety of highly respected online design publications.


Bachelors Degree from Binghamton University.  

Joseph Lewitin

My goal is to take even the most complex flooring issue and dig down to the really important information, and then present it to you in an easy to understand fashion. I strive to create articles that are useful reference tools for flooring professionals, but which are also easy enough for even the most inexperienced amateur to understand.

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