How Journaling Can Stop Working Mom Stress

If you suffer from writers block check out these tips

Journal to relieve stress
Journal Your Way to Happiness. Getty Images/Valentina Franco Photography

Working motherhood comes with a baggage of thoughts and emotions.  Our worries keep us up at night.  Our things to-do list uses up more personal energy than it should because we are always thinking of ways to be more efficient.  Sometimes there’s so much going on in our brains we lose track of our thoughts and there’s probably some really good ones lost in struggle of work/life balance.

Would you like to sleep easier, stress less and capture those awesome thoughts before they flee?

  Then pick up a journal, start writing, and include this in your self-care plan.

Avoid hitting writers block by writing about one of the following topics:

Keep track of what’s going on in your life

You may not realize what your capable of accomplishing until you write it all out.  In your journal write about what you did from sunrise to sunset.  Then feel empowered when you read what you wrote.  Marvel at your accomplishments and the lessons learned!  You are one awesome working mom and journaling about your daily life helps you realize this.

Vent about your frustrations

Write about what’s bothering you.  When you write about your challenges it release pressure.  There is this power that comes with writing about your problems.  When you commit the problem to paper and put your woes into words you begin to process what’s been happening.  The solution may not instantly appear but you do get a step close to finding it.

  Try this out asap!

Practice gratitude

If you are stuck trying to find a solution to one of the problems you vented about write about what you’re thankful for.  Start the sentence with “I’m grateful for…” and keep writing this sentence over and over again filling in the blanks with the abundant amount of things your grateful for.

When you write about what you’re grateful for it brings you positive vibes and magically put you into a great mood.  

Get in the groove to journal

Try out different times to write, like with your first cup of coffee or when you get into bed for the night.  Pick a time, commit to it for a week, and notice how its effects your well-being.

My journaling plan consists of writing in two journals.  Over my first cup of coffee I write in my Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte.  I write about how I want to feel for the day and what things I can do to bring these feelings about.  Next, I have a blank, lined personal journal I use for gratitude statements, venting, and brainstorming.  All of this writing takes about five minutes, unless I have the time to write more.

You can pick out a journal with a fancy cover or just grab a spare notebook in the house. Keep your journal out so it reminds you to pick it up and write.  Don’t worry about someone reading it or your life being turned in to a movie.  No one else has to read it and no one is going to judge it.

There’s no room for perfection here.  If you miss a day, pick up the next.  But, personally, if I miss more than a few days it’s because I’m avoiding something.

  I usually have this problem that I’m not completely aware of.  When I finally sit down and write the problem comes up and I think, “Oh yeah, so that’s what’s been bothering me.”  I write until I have nothing left to write and usually find a solution.  It’s as if I’m procrastinating on writing about it until I’ve figured it out, but have to write about it to find the solution.

Writing about my life and what I’m grateful for brings me much needed clarity in this chaotic world.  It reminds me that I can’t control others (like my children) only myself. Writing puts me in the driver’s seat and helps me determine which direction I should keep going in.

I’ve been writing in journals since I was five years old.  Writing is my thing and I hope that it can one day become yours, too.