Joy Merrifield

Joy is a freelance writer originally from rural Arkansas. She has worked in the style department of Real Simple, traveled the world on a shoestring budget, and co-written a book about the intersection of design and DJ culture. She is an enthusiastic, if amateur, pescatarian cook, fosters kittens and guinea pigs, and has a passion for art, design, music, and technology, and the ways they overlap and inform each other.


  • Joy has been writing for The Spruce since December 2018
  • She has written for City Magazine, BUST, Overspray, and Planet Mag
  • She has a B.A. in creative writing from Florida State University 


Joy has written for City Magazine, BUST, Overspray, and Planet Mag. As a novelty-seeker and lifelong learner, she continually finds herself in classes studying new subjects like statistics, sign language, chemistry, anatomy, labor support, and nutrition.


Joy has her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Florida State University, and an Associate’s in Fashion Design from F.I.T.

Spruce work:

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Education: Florida State University, Fashion Institute of Technology

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