J.R. Watkins' New Dish Soap Saves Time and Water

The Plant-Based Soap Also Comes in a 100% Recyclable Bottle

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J.R. Watkins' new lemon-scented dish soap

Courtesy of J.R. Watkins

J.R. Watkins, the personal care brand best known for their hand creams and hand soaps, is bringing their much-loved lemon scent into the home space with a new dish soap.

"As a heritage brand that's been around for over a century and a half, J.R. Watkins has been in the homes of many for generations—and as we grow beyond our current assortment of apothecary remedies that protect, soothe, and solve, we value our community's input into what we create next," says Melissa Ayers, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at J.R. Watkins. "Our community shared their desire for a complementary top-of-counter dish cleaner to pair with their J.R. Watkins hand soap."

Much like their other products, the foaming dish soap is made from plant-based ingredients and is biodegradable, making it a great addition to your home cleaning roster just in time for Earth month. But the eco-friendliness of the dish soap goes beyond the soap itself. The bottle is made of 100% recyclable materials, including the cap and straw.

J.R. Watkins Lemon Foaming Dish Soap

Foaming lemon dish soap

Courtesy of J.R. Watkins

J.R. Watkins Lemon Foaming Dish Soap Refill

J.R. Watkins lemon dish soap refill

J.R. Watkins

Plant-Based, Effective Cleaning

J.R. Watkins' foaming dish soap is made of ingredients like coconut and other plant-derived cleaning agents. Not only is the soap hypoallergenic and free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, and triclosan, it's also an effective cleaner.

"The plant-derived cleansing agents within each bottle of our dish soap work to solubilize grease, oils and stubborn deposits with every scrub—allowing you to quickly and effectively clean your dishes while saving time and water," says Ayers.

"It was important to us to develop a formula free of petroleum-based and sulfate cleansing agents, which can be found in many popular dish soaps on the market today. This formulation is a testament to our mission of providing clean, cruelty-free products that you can trust," Ayers says.

Soap Refills and an Innovative Nozzle

If you are looking to reduce your use of single-use plastics, J.R. Watkins' dish soap also comes in refill packets which you can use to top up the bottle, or your own favorite dispenser. But you may want to opt for their bottle, as it also comes with an innovative nozzle: a dual-spray trigger that allows you to use the dish soap for tasks beyond cleaning your dishes.

J.R. Watkins' new foaming dish soap

Courtesy of J.R. Watkins

"While researching and developing our foaming dish soap, we learned that many consumers use their dish soap for multiple use-cases throughout the kitchen beyond dishwashing—such as cleaning their sinks, stovetops, and ovens," says Ayers. "This innovative dual-trigger product design is one of the first of its kind in the market and allows you to choose between a foam or spray option depending on your cleaning preferences."

The dual-spray nozzle also makes doing dishes easier and allows you to control exactly where the soap goes. Instead of filling up your sink with water and adding the dish soap to it, you can spray the soap directly onto the dish and control how much soap—and water—you use.

Fresh Lemon Scent

J.R. Watkins' foray into the dish soap category begins with their lemon scent, which Ayers notes is a popular scent in their liquid hand soap range. Now, you can pair the hand soap and dish soap as a fresh addition to your kitchen.

Ayers notes that they are currently developing more scents to add to this particular line of products.

J.R. Watkins' foaming dish soap and refill packets are available now on their website, and will be available at Target on April 20.

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