Julie Hershman

Julie Hershman has loved to travel from a young age and when she became a more frequent flyer in her college years, she began writing to journal and document her experiences abroad. After graduating and receiving more formal photography training, she decided to publish her blog to share her journey with others.


  • Julie has written for the Spruce since November 2019
  • She holds a bachelor's degree in music from Northeastern University
  • She has also written for Thrillist and Lifewire


Julie has photographed for music festivals including Boston Calling, renowned venues like the Metropolitan Playhouse, and publications including Lifewire and Thrillist. As a music industry professional, she’s spent years traveling the country with international artists and now lives in Astoria, Queens.


Julie received her bachelor’s degree in Music from Northeastern University with interests in Business and Ethnomusicology.

Other work:


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