American Independence Day Crafts and Activities

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    Celebrating Fourth of July

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    Celebrate the Fourth of July by making Independence Day crafts. On this day, Americans observe the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress in 1776. Many commemorate the day with red, white and blue decorations and clothing, a fitting tribute to our grand flag. Why not make your own rather than buying store-bought versions? Doing so will allow you to express your patriotism in your own unique way!


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    American Flag Crafts

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    The American Flag has long been a treasured symbol of the United States, but it has changed many times since Betsy Ross sewed the first one in 1776.

    Initially, the flag had 13 red and white stripes and 13 white stars on a blue background. Throughout the years, a star has been added to the flag for each new state that joined the union. Today, the flag Americans display has 13 stripes and 50 stars.

    Get into the patriotic spirit by trying one of these flag related crafts:

    • Start out by printing out and...MORE coloring this American flag page.
    • Learn how to make a flag you can wear using Shrink plastic.
    • Wear a homemade red, white, and blue costume to a parade or picnic.
    • You can make a pin to wear using this beaded safety pin pattern.
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    Firework Crafts

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    Fireworks are a must-have for any Independence Day celebration. There is something magical about sitting in the dark watching a spectacular firework display.

    One problem with fireworks is how dangerous they are, and since they are illegal in many places, we wouldn't want you to play with real fireworks. Instead, try making crafts with fireworks themes. For example:

    • Make a colorful fireworks picture using glitter and glue.
    • Discover how you can make a pretend sparkler out of a pencil and chenille...MORE stems.
    • Use a paper bag to make a firecracker you can wear.
    • Print out and color some firecrackers or some fireworks.
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    Independence Day Coloring Pages

    The Fourth of a July is a great time to color the nation's leading patriotic figures. For instance, does the name Samuel Wilson ring a bell to you? Surely you've heard of the man most well known as Uncle Sam. The way he became a national symbol is quite unique. Get to know his story and tell it in the form of a picture book with drawings.

    You can do the same for Lady Liberty, one of the most recognized symbols of freedom and independence. The Statue of Liberty was officially unveiled on Oct. 28,...MORE 1886. Learn more about how the statute came to be and tell the story of making a homemade coloring book. 


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    A Mixture of July 4 Crafting Ideas

    There is no shortage of ways to celebrate Independence Day. If none of the ideas above appeal to you, try one of the crafts below.