June Holiday Crochet Ideas

Fun ideas to crochet for the month of June

Father's Day Crochet Ideas for June
Father's Day Crochet Ideas for June. Photo © Amy Solovay; Chart © Connie Barwick

Each month I round up all of the different ideas to crochet for different holidays and special events. May's holidays included National Bike Month and several music-related holidays. It's time to look at what we might be inspired to crochet in the month of June!

The Whole Month of June

There are many different month-long celebrations that you can enjoy in June. Here are some things that you might like to crochet:

  • Various foods. June is Candy Month, Diary Month, Turkey Lovers Month and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month so you have ample reason and inspiration to crochet food-inspired crafts this month!
  • Rainbows! June is Gay Pride Month and the most obvious symbol for that is the rainbow so perhaps you'll want to crochet rainbows in June.
  • Marine animals. June is also Aquarium Month so if there are animals that you love seeing at the aquarium then this month is the month to make them in crochet. Personally I love seeing the leafy sea dragons and sea horses, jellyfish and otters.
  • Roses. June is rose month and it's always fun to crochet roses and projects that incorporate roses into their designs. Have fun with this one!

Finally, June is also Adopt a Cat Month. You may not be in a position to adopt a cat but it's a great opportunity to crochet cat beds and other items to donate to animal shelters.

Check with your local shelter to see what they need most.

Week-by-Week June Celebrations

Some months have a "week" to celebrate every single week of the month. In June there are actually only two week-long holidays according to Holiday Insights. The first week of June is Fishing Week so you might have fun crocheting amigurumi fishes.

The second week in June is Email Week. 

Daily June Holidays

Father's Day is the big holiday in June so of course you might want to crochet gifts for dad like these fun crochet neckties. The Friday after Father's Day is Take Your Dog To Work Day so crochet up a cute outfit for your pup. Here are some of the other lesser-known holidays that can be fun to crochet for this month:

  • The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day. Crochet a donut to celebrate!
  • June 5th is World Environment Day. Do some eco-friendly crochet in honor of the holiday.
  • June 6th is National Trails Day. Do some earth-friendly yarnbombing on one of your favorite trails!
  • June 6th is also National Yo-Yo Day. Did you know that there's such a thing as a yo-yo puff crochet pattern?
  • June 8th is Best Friends Day so it's the perfect time to make a new crochet gift for your bestie.
  • June 13th is Sewing Machine Day. Have you thought about combining sewing and crochet? Today is the day to try it!
  • June 14th is Flag Day. What flag do you want to crochet?
  • June 18 is International Picnic Day. Crochet yourself a picnic basket liner, a wine glass holder or a set of coasters. It's also National Splurge Day, which is a great excuse to buy that yarn you've been eyeing!
  • Mid-June brings us World Juggling Day (always on a Saturday). Crochet a set of juggling balls!
  • June 21st marks the official beginning of summer. Water bottle cozies, sweatbands and swimsuits are just a few popular crochet items for summer.
  • June 23rd is National Pink Day. Crochet something pink!
  • June 27th is Sunglasses Day. Do you have a crochet cozy for your sunglasses yet?
  • June 29th is Camera Day. Crochet a camera strap or another item related to photography.

Enjoy crafting every day in June!