Living in a Junior 1-Bedroom Apartment

Couple moving into new flat

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A junior one-bedroom apartment (also known as a "conversion" apartment) is a studio apartment with a wall—or space for a wall—dividing the bed from the rest of the living space.

A junior one-bedroom is a nice upgrade from the traditional studio apartment where the kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all in a single room. Though it still a one-room apartment, this division creates a sense of space that has its perks.

The junior one-bedroom (or conversion apartment) is an option that you might run into during your college student housing search off-campus. A studio apartment is often an affordable choice but could also be transitioned into a JR one-bedroom apartment. 


The difficulty many renters have with studio apartments is the lack of separate living spaces. You eat, watch TV, study, and sleep in the same room.

A Place to Rest

In a studio apartment, it often becomes difficult to turn off one activity (like the TV) when it is time for another (like sleeping). This can lead to a lack of sleep and productivity, increase distractions which can lead to stress when finals week hits, and create a grumpy college student.

Our homes have separate rooms for a reason. When it is time to go to bed, we move to the bedroom. When it is time to get some work done, we move the kitchen table or home office. The physical transition helps us transition psychologically. It is easier to fall asleep after you walk to the bedroom, right?

The studio apartment's layout can make this difficult. A small separation can be helpful for a college student who needs both rest and study time.


There is also a privacy factor. Though most students in studio apartments do not have roommates, they may have friends visit and need a little privacy.

The separate bedroom, or wall divider of JR, give them space to change clothes while their friends are waiting. It also lets them hide unmentionables and valuables (or that messy bed) from their guests.

Converting a Studio Apartment

Some landlords are open to a little reconstruction and may be willing to work with you on installing a temporary or partially installed divider in the room. The cost involved and the short time the student will be renting the apartment may not make this the best option.

The cheap and easy way to separate the bedroom of a studio apartment is to use a portable room divider. There is no construction needed, the divider can be moved to the next studio apartment, and it can add some much-needed style to the junior apartment.

Room dividers are available at many stores and come in a variety of styles. From bamboo wrapped with rice paper to elegant, French-door like designs, even a simple cloth partition will do.

If you love a DIY furniture project, this is a perfect excuse to break out the tools and craft supplies and the possibilities are endless. Pinterest is filled with inspiration.