7 Types of Junk Drawer Clutter to Throw Away Now

Is your junk drawer overcrowded and in need of an overhaul?  I'm giving you permission to throw away these 7 items out of your junk drawer for good.


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    Past School Flyers and Announcements

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    Schools send home paper announcements about everything.  PTA night. Ice cream night. Don't forget to wear crazy socks.  We are collecting socks.  There is an endless supply of paper.  We keep those papers to remind us, and then forget to throw them away.  Toss any invitations, announcements, flyers or other papers for things that have already past. Make this a weekly habit on a Friday or a Saturday to throw out these items from the previous week. If there are important documents that need to...MORE be kept, go ahead and file those.

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    Expired Coupons

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    Whether it's fast food coupons, dog food coupons that come in the bag, or a coupon we got when we shopped the last time at our favorite store, coupons actually expire.  Instead of fishing through a bunch of expired coupons, toss the ones that won't do you any good anyway.  You might start to realize that you only use coupons for certain restaurants or for certain products, which will help you avoid keeping coupons you will never use to add to the paper clutter of your drawers.


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    Old Batteries

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    We store batteries in our junk drawer, but for some reason when the kids go to switch out batteries, they often toss the old ones in the junk drawer.  I frequently sort out old or used batteries and dispose of them since there is nothing more frustrating than replacing the batteries in an item only to realize that you replaced old batteries with other old batteries.


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    Product Manuals

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    I know I am always reminding you to look at the instructions for your product to know how to care for your appliances, but product manuals, frequently printed in multiple languages can be bulky and take up a lot of space.  A quick search on the internet may show you that your product manual is available online, most are. So kick the booklet to the curb, especially if if is a product you have had for awhile and are comfortable using and maintaining.


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    Unidentified Pieces of Things

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    Whenever I find a random object that I don't know what it is, I often toss it in the junk drawer.  Years later I may still be holding on to that item.  My new method is to gather the family and ask them what it goes to, nine times out of ten one of them knows.  For the tenth time, I may throw it in the drawer for a week or two to see if it is needed.  Then I give myself permission to toss it.


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    Take Out Menus

    First of all grab any of the takeout menus that you never order from and toss them.  Takeout menus change often and the one you have may not be updated at all. For the few takeout menus that you really use, you can put them in a binder that is stored near your cookbooks or in a more convenient spot in the kitchen.  Or tack up the menus on the interior of your kitchen cabinet doors or the inside of your pantry door.  It will be out of sight but still easily accessible for those nights when...MORE cooking is not going to happen.


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    Prizes and Knickknacks

    Another thing that always makes it into the junk drawer are random small toys, keychains, company sponsored pens, and other prizes.  My children have plenty of toys, so unless it is a keepsake or an item that finishes a prized collection, I am not likely to keep it.  I transfer branded office supplies to the office and other prizes that aren't useful in another part of the house get tossed. If you are wondering if something should be kept or not, ask yourself the 5 clutter questions...MORE Chances are that the answer is to toss it.