Kalamazoo K750HB Hybrid Grill Grill Insert

Kalamazoo K750HB Hybrid Grill Grill Insert
Kalamazoo K750HB Hybrid Grill Grill Insert. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, LLC.

The Bottom Line

The Kalamazoo K750HB is the custom insert version of the best gas grill in the world. It is also the most expensive (other than the larger 4-burner version). This is not, however, a status symbol grill. I would certainly not like to see this sitting, unused on the patio of some hedge fund manager. There are products that command respect because of their name but lack the function or capabilities to fulfill their promises.

This is not one of those. Only people, who truly know grills and outdoor cooking, know how good this grill is. It is designed for those who love to cook and are planning a custom outdoor kitchen.

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  • Highest grade stainless steel construction
  • High, intense, and even heating
  • Cooks with wood, charcoal, and/or gas
  • Complete rotisserie system
  • Highly customizable


  • It is the most expensive gas grill in the world


  • Three 24,250 LP or 27,250 NG BTU lead-free cast brass burners
  • 726 square inches of primary grilling space
  • 72,750 LP or 82,500 NG BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Standard cooking surface is stainless steel rod grates but can be replaced with laser cut 1/4 stainless steel plate grates
  • Complete stainless steel construction including all fasteners, knobs, and any other part
  • Built-in rotisserie system with internal motor, chain-driven spit mounts, and infrared rotisserie burners
  • Electronic hot surface ignition
  • Large capacity fuel drawer for cooking with wood or charcoal (lit from the burners)
  • Available extras include side burner unit, external smoker box, customized cooking grates, plus a full line of cabinetry and outdoor appliances
  • Convertible between propane and natural gas with additional equipment

Guide Review - Kalamazoo K750HB Hybrid Grill Grill Insert

The first thing to note about this grill is its size and the kind of space it needs in a custom enclosure. Most high-end gas grill inserts are only 8 to 10 inches deep. The Kalamazoo insert goes all the way to the floor. Because the Kalamazoo can burn split logs or charcoal there is a large space between the cooking grates and the cast stainless steel burners. This isn't a weakness, but provides space for the hybrid system and a more even heating than most gas grills. Because of the ash that drops through the bottom of the cooking chamber and the need for airflow (plus grease management) the bottom of this grill extends down to nearly floor level. This is why the Kalamazoo grills are shaped differently than most grill inserts.

To get a few details out of the way, let me start by explaining why the people at Kalamazoo call this a hybrid gas grill. Between the lead-free cast brass (cast in Canada) burners and the 1/4-inch laser cut stainless steel plate cooking grates is a drawer. In this drawer can be loaded split wood logs, wood chunks, or even charcoal so that this gas grill is also a wood burning and a charcoal grill.

Because it is designed to take intense heat, the burners can be on while a wood fire burns above producing temperatures over 1,000 degrees F. That means this gas grill can hit temperatures typically produced by infrared grills without giving foods that broiled flavor, or to put the other way around, capable of searing at 1,000 degrees over a wood fire for flavor and authenticity of the experience.

The standard cooking grates are stainless steel rod and are very good, but Kalamazoo offers 1/4-inch laser cut stainless steel plate cooking grates which hold the heat, take the punishment, and provide an amazing grilling surface. There is a built-in rotisserie system with the motor mounted below and the spit, turned by a completely sealed chain drive system and an infrared rotisserie burner in the back, though I would use a wood fire from the fuel drawer for rotisserie cooking.

Ultimately, what makes this the best gas grill in the world is the attention to detail and the quality of the parts. Every nut and bolt has been completely thought out. There isn't a seam that isn't finely welded, ground to perfection, and then polished. This includes all the welds that will never be seen. The wiring is all water and heat proof. The cast brass burners are certified lead free (the only ones in the industry), weigh in at 14 pounds each, and guaranteed for life.

Simply put, this is the best gas grill in the world. It is also the most expensive. Fully loaded, this model comes in at over $15,000 and that doesn't include a side burner. There are very good grills for a tenth the price. There are a dozen companies making great, comparably sized gas grills for half the price. Is this one twice as good as they are? I've spent a month thinking about this very question and I have to say, that it is worth it. The cooking system of this grill is unlike anything else I have cooked on. The heat is intense, the versatility is simply amazing, and the results are phenomenal. Yes, this is a luxury product that most of us will never own, but it is worth aspiring too.

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