Kamron Sanders

Kamron Sanders
Kamron Sanders

Kamron Sanders is a DIY expert with vast knowledge and experience in a range of fields including remodeling, woodworking, landscaping, and home improvement and maintenance.


  • 10+ years of remodeling and construction experience
  • 15 years of woodworking experience
  • 15+ years of DIY experience


Kamron has been around the construction industry his entire life due to his father's career as a general contractor. Growing up in this environment has contributed to his deep knowledge of construction techniques and processes, which he has expanded and exercised through his own remodeling projects.

Kamron attributes his DIY prowess to growing up on a family farm in an environment where fixing, maintaining, and building things yourself was commonplace. Over nearly 15 years, Kamron has learned a variety of woodworking practices and techniques.

Today, Kamron is a contributing writer to The Spruce and other publications, specializing in woodworking, DIY, and construction, as well as general home maintenance and repairs.

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Title: Writer

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