The Kan-Okla 100 Mile Highway Sale

Garage Sale Spanning from Oklahoma to Kansas

walking sticks for sale at highway yard sale

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The Kan-Okla 100-Mile Highway Sale (also referred to as the 100-Mile Garage Sale) takes place each September in southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma, and despite the sale's name, the route has grown to include more than 150 miles of yard sales since the first event in 2008.

In 2019, the sale will be on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14.

Do the Loop

Unlike many other multi-state flea markets and yard sales that span a highway from one end to another, the Kan-Okla 100 Mile Highway Sale route is a big loop. In this case, completing the route brings you back to your starting spot, which in the realm of highway garage sales, it is more gas- and time-friendly.

The circular route starts in southeast Kansas and runs along Highways 75, 169, 166, and 10th Street. In northeast Oklahoma, the route follows Highways 75, 169, and 60.

Sale Hours

Sale hours are usually from dawn until dusk, though individual sellers may set their own hours of operation. For more information on specific hours and overall event details, be sure to check out the official Kan-Okla 100-Mile Highway Sale website (where you can find information about selling as well as shopping) and Kan-Okla's Facebook page before you start planning your visit.

Sale Locations

You may also see pick-up locations for printed address lists available in some cities and while browsing these websites and passing through participating communities, be sure to watch for group sales on the highway.

Lots of flea market and antique vendors set up tents and tables along the route but expect the prices to be higher than at the real yard sales and the merchandise to be of a higher quality as well.

Food and Rest Stops

Concessions, restrooms, and parking are usually available at the bigger group sale locations, so you will not really have to worry about planning out your meals or rest stops along the way—although, it might benefit you to pack a picnic lunch for the car to save money on eating out.

Buying Goods

Just like any other yard sale, those participating in the Kan-Okla 100-Mile Highway Sale not only allow haggling but encourage it. Go ahead and haggle when the price seems too high, but make sure you do it the right way. If you are uncomfortable negotiating on price, practice these proven haggling phrases as you drive the route.

Be sure to pack your treasure hunting tool kit and gas up your biggest truck, car, or van, and if you have a trailer, you might want to hitch that up, too.

Before you go, you will want to brush up on yard sale shopping tips and yard sale etiquette.