Kids Karaoke Party Ideas

Cupcakes with fondant. Piano & treble clef.
Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia / Getty Images

What kid doesn’t want to pretend to be a rock star? With these karaoke party ideas, your birthday child and all of his pals can get their groove on and sing like superstars on the big stage.


When guests come to your karaoke party, they will want to act like pop stars. You can set the tone for the VIP treatment with invitations that resemble a backstage pass. Other ideas for cool, rock-star-style party invitations include ones that look like an arena ticket or concert flyer.

Karaoke Equipment

You can hire a professional to come out and set up everything you need for your party. They will likely even stick around to run the equipment and encourage guests to participate. If you prefer to do it on your own, however, you have a few options:

  • Rent or buy a karaoke machine
  • Download a karaoke program for your Mp3 player or computer. Don’t forget you will also need a compatible microphone.
  • Use a karaoke game for your video gaming system. There are games such as Sing Party for the Wii or Karaoke Revolution for the X-box that you can simply stick into the gaming slot and let it do the work for you. Some of these games come with microphones and some are sold separately. Check your options before purchasing.


A karaoke party is all about the stage. You can use an elevated platform (maybe you’re handy enough to build one, or maybe you are having the party outside and can use your deck as the stage). If you don’t have options like these, simply tape off a section of the floor and flank it with stage curtains and a decorative backdrop. Just give kids enough room to stand, sing, and maybe shake it up with a few dance moves.

Once you have set the stage, it’s time to think about lighting. Dim the lights around the stage area and use flashlights or desk lamps pointed at the stag to create the effect of stage lights. You could also string some holiday lights across the backdrop.

To decorate the rest of your party space, use images of (or inflatable!) music notes, microphones, record albums, and instruments.

Near the stage, it’s always fun to set out a box of dress-up clothes, accessories, and props for your little rock stars to don as they step onto the stage.


Party guests who are moving, grooving, and singing along to the music might best appreciate a menu made up of easy-to-eat finger foods such as tea sandwiches, chicken bites, cheese and crackers, mozzarella sticks, and kebabs. Pizza is a go-to choice for kids’ parties and would certainly work well here, whether you have it delivered or go with appetizer-style pizza bites, dips, or bagels.

Fun food ideas with a music theme:

  • Microphone cake cones
  • Piano cake
  • Guitar cake
  • Music note cupcakes (use writing icing to draw them on top of glitter-frosted cupcakes).

Games and Activities

You don’t need to plan a lot of games or activities since karaoke will entertain the kids for most of the event. Try some karaoke party games to break the ice for those afraid to simply get up and sing, or just to add a little something extra to the fun of performing.


Send your performers home with a rocking reminder of the good times. Some fun ideas for karaoke party favors include:

  • Glow bracelets
  • Sunglasses
  • CDs that include some of the songs from your karaoke playlist
  • Inflatable guitars and microphones