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Katherine Picott

Katherine has been organized for as long as she can remember—her mom even kept her school notebooks to show her future grandchildren how immaculate the pages were. She is often asked what spaces she likes to organize, and to be honest, she can’t pick a favorite. She enjoys helping others transform their lives—and the look on her client's face at the end of a tidy session, which she says is the "avocado on toast for me."


  • Katherine has been featured in Voyage Baltimore, Columbia Life Magazine, Military Families Magazine, Goop Magazine, and The Spruce.
  • She has also been a podcast guest on "Moments with an MEO", "The Life Curated", and the "Plastic Couch."
  • In 2021, she was a guest speaker at the How-to Summit, a conference for organizers by organizers.
  • In 2022, she was a guest speaker at the Independent Wellness Summit, a week-long conference for military and first responder spouses.
  • Currently, Katherine is a Series Host for the Milso Muster app, which provides both support, resources, and community for military families.
  • In her spare time, Katherine volunteers at the Generations Family Success Center of New Jersey providing families with tools through her monthly workshops in an effort to help them get and stay organized.
  • Katherine also has her own one-to-one mentorship program, The Creative One. This mentorship program helps small business owners thrive in networking, business marketing, and social media.


While Katherine launched her business in June of 2020, Tidy Milso was in the making long before that. In February of 2017, her husband went away to basic training. With motivation from the book, "Live More Want Less" by Mary Carlomagno and in pursuit of staying busy, she reorganized and decluttered their home. The name of her business, Tidy Milso, is a nod to that experience, as "milso" stands for Military Significant Other in the military community.

In 2019, she stumbled upon "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" on Netflix, and everything clicked. To date, she has logged over 450 hours of organizing with her clients using Marie Kondo’s KonMari method.

Who are her clients?

Clients seek her services when they are feeling overwhelmed with both the clutter and disorganization in their spaces, often due to their busy schedules and absence of time management. These clients desire a gentle nudge and an accountability push to get the ball rolling.


Katherine graduated from Old Dominion University with honors and earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications. In September 2020, she completed her KonMari Certification Course, and in August 2021, she became a Certified KonMari Consultant.

Expertise: Professional Home Organization, Laundry Systems, Folding Techniques
Education: Old Dominion University
Location: Columbia, Maryland
Title: Professional Home Organizer and Certified KonMari Consultant
Business Name: Tidy Milso, LLC

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