Kathleen Connolly

Kathy Connolly, Lawn Care and Lawn Alternatives Expert. Robert Lorenz

Greetings. Beautiful lawns and landscapes are a joy to see but they don’t happen by accident. This site on lawns and lawn alternatives is dedicated to helping you create and enjoy great outdoor spaces. 

Lawn care is a complex topic. The grasses that make good turf require quite a bit of care and feeding in most parts of North America. Furthermore, good lawn care differs dramatically from region to region.

In recent years, water shortages and other concerns have caused many people to seek other durable groundcovers. Some of those include low-mow lawns, ornamental meadows, flowering lawns, and other forms of covering space with tough, persistent plants. 


Kathy Connolly has been involved with gardening, land care, horticulture, and landscape design for 30 years. As a landscape designer, she helps clients create functional, healthy, attractive outdoor spaces. She works with homeowners, municipalities, homeowner associations, and other organizations. 

Kathy Connolly is a columnist for The Day community papers in southeastern Connecticut and a regular contributor to Connecticut Woodlands Magazine. Her work has appeared in Lawn & Landscape, the Hartford Courant, Connecticut Gardener, The Habitat, and Gardening Products Review, among a number of other publications and websites. 

She speaks for garden clubs, libraries, schools, master gardeners, conservation organizations, and garden centers.


Kathy Connolly has a master’s degree from the Conway School of Landscape Design, is an advanced master gardener, and an accredited organic land care professional. She also has an MBA from New York University and a BA in Writing from Pennsylvania State University. Her web site is http://www.SpeakingofLandscapes.com.


Kathleen Connolly

"Let me help you create healthy, beautiful spaces, whether they are lawns or durable ground covers such as meadows, grass replacements, or moss beds."

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