Keep the Door Locked When Leaving Your Apartment

Ignore Temptation When Running Quick Errands Inside Your Building

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When you leave your apartment for work, school, or any other outing that will occupy a good amount of time, you no doubt make sure to close the apartment door behind you and lock it.

But what about when you have to run a quick errand inside your building, such as to give something to a neighbor or do your laundry?

In these situations, it's tempting just to leave your door unlocked, so that you don't have to bother taking your keys with you and you can just walk right back inside when you return.

But doing so opens the door (no pun intended) to crime, particularly from someone who already has gained legal access to the building, such as a neighbor, a neighbor's guest, or a food or other delivery person.

You might think you'll be back in no time (such as if you're planning to check your mail or put more coins into the dryer in the laundry room). But what if you run into a neighbor and start chatting, or otherwise get distracted? If that happens, your apartment door will remain unlocked for much longer than you anticipated, increasing the likelihood of a crime.

Play it safe by valuing security over convenience. Take a moment to think about the situation, and use your judgment. If you're just going a little bit down the hallway, such as to drop off trash or recycling, it's probably okay to leave your door unlocked.

But in all other situations, the sensible plan is to lock up and take your keys with you.

Not only will this practice help keep your apartment protected from criminal activity, but you'll also gain more flexibility when it comes to completing your quick errands, since you won't feel pressured to rush back because you left the door to your home unlocked.