7 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool on a Hot Day

Tips for keeping your home comfortable

Having a picnic
Having a picnic. Photo © Mifflin

Keeping your kitchen cool and the family comfortable during the hot summer weather can be a challenge with all the cooking we do. Traditional cooking using either the oven or stovetop can generate enough heat to raise the temperature in your kitchen area substantially. Here are a few ways to keep your kitchen cool.

1. Shun the range; use a counter appliances:

On hot days, plan meals that involve the use of various counter appliances such as microwaves, convection ovens, slowcookers, electric skillets, multi-cookers, roaster ovens, grills & griddles, Pannini or sandwich makers, which can either eliminate or reduce range oven use.

Cooking in a counter appliance not only saves energy compared to heating a larger oven, but they also add only minimal heat if any, to the surrounding area.

This is a great opportunity to get those appliances out and make an old favorite or try something new. You can also cook part of your meal in the morning when your kitchen is cooler, and combine other ingredients later for a delicious meal.

2. Serve a cold buffet:

Who doesn't love a buffet meal especially when you're offered food choices and being able to load up only on your favorites. A cold smorg is very refreshing on hot days and involves very little if any, cooking appliances.

It's a great opportunity to use time-saving kitchen tools such as food processors, food choppers, deli slicers, breadmakers and your beautiful relish and veggie trays.

Your family will love making their own cold plate from an assortment of salads, greens, vegetables and dip, pickles and relishes, assorted cold cuts and fresh bread or buns.

3. Cook outdoors with a barbecue or grill:

Keep the heat out by doing all the cooking on an outdoor barbecue, grill or in a pizza oven. Nothing like a weeknight barbecue to jazz up a work night. Grills come on various sizes as well as fuel types, so you'll easily find one that works for your outdoor space and meets your family's needs.

4. Plan a picnic or tail gate supper:

No balcony or outdoor patio? Turn your family dinner into a picnic or tailgate supper. The whole family will enjoy a meal at a beach, park or in their favorite country setting. You can even enjoy a picnic in your own back yard.

These informal meal settings build great family memories, improve moods and provide a welcomed cooler environment to enjoy great meals. In fact, asking another family to join you just doubles the fun. You can combine barbecuing with cold plate or buffet items in your picnic meals.

5. Improve air circulation in the kitchen:

A little air movement helps to make a kitchen more comfortable. Buy a table or floor fan and strategically place it to move the air around in the dining or food prep areas.

Another great option that circulates air but also adds a decor feature to the room is a ceiling fan. Consider the benefits of changing your kitchen ceiling light to a ceiling fan with lighting fixture, to improve air circulation and provide what feels like a cooling breeze on the skin. Enjoy a more comfy space and keep the cook cool and happy during meal preparation.

6.  Draw the shades in the kitchen:

You'll be surprised at how quickly you can drop the room temperature by ten degrees or more. No window dressings in your kitchen? Take your window measurements (minimum and maximum) and find something to keep the sun from shining through and heating up the space.

7. This is a great day to eat out, but plan ahead to get the best meal deal.

Admit it, you really wanted this option and eating out in an air conditioned eatery is always well received on a hot day. In fact, keep a hot weather fund just for this purpose.