10 Ways to Bring Santa to Life This Christmas

Santa Claus

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Bring the spirit of Santa alive for kids at Christmas. Make everyone in your family believe because even big kids at heart like thinking of Santa Claus coming to visit us each year.

1. Get the Elf on the Shelf

Get everyone into the Christmas spirit with the Elf on the Shelf. Start by reading the book that comes with the elf and explains its purpose.

The elf watches your children by day and then flies to the North Pole at night to report to Santa Claus. He flies back before the kids wake up and lands in a new spot for the day. The fun of the elf is that parents put him in new places each day and the kids find him in his new location.

Make the fun come alive when your elf shows off his humorous side such as taking a ride in Barbie's car, having a sick day, or drawing pictures on your family photos.

2. Ring the Sleigh Bells

Imagine your children's eyes widening when they hear the sound of sleigh bells the night before Christmas. Bring the spirit of Santa alive when you wake them up to tell them you hear the big guy on the roof. Have someone shake bells to simulate sleigh bells and let out a resounding, "Ho ho ho!"

Another option, if you're having a hard time getting your kids to go to sleep Christmas Eve, is to tell them you hear sleigh bells. Cue the sleigh bells and tell the kids they need to go to sleep before Santa comes down the chimney.

3. Buy Him His Own Wrapping Paper

How ironic it is that Santa has the same wrapping paper as your family. This can bring on lots of questions about Santa that you'll have to deal with sooner than you're ready. Buy a few rolls of wrapping paper that are just for Santa gifts or make your own.

Be sure to tuck it away so it's not seen before or after Christmas. Remember, Santa's wrapping is done at the North Pole, not in your living room, so don't get busted.

4. Write Letters to Him

Make writing letters to Santa a part of your family's annual Christmas traditions. In the letters, they can tell Santa what they're grateful for and write up their wish list for Christmas.

Younger kids who can't yet write can draw Santa pictures. For their wish lists, they can paste pictures from catalogs onto a piece of paper.

5. Pay Santa Claus a Visit

After everyone's letters to Santa have been written, it's time to visit the big guy. You can explain the mall Santa is one of Santa's helpers or let them believe he is the real Santa Claus.

Just make sure they deliver their letters and have time to talk to him. Of course, while you're there, get a picture as a Christmas keepsake.

6. Receive a Personalized Video From Santa

Nothing will keep the spirit of Santa alive like the kids getting a personalized video message from him. Visit PortableNorthPole.com and Santa will mention your kids by name.

The video messages are free and easy to create. Just pick whether your child has been naughty, nice, or a combination of both. After that, answer a few simple questions, such as how to pronounce your child's name, what his or her personality is like, and what he or she hopes to receive for Christmas.

7. Feed Him and His Reindeer

A favorite Christmas tradition is to leave out milk and cookies for Santa. Overnight, mom or dad finishes off the sweet treats and downs the milk or leaves bite marks on the cookies and maybe even a note from Santa thanking the kids.

Another great way to keep the spirit of Santa Claus alive this Christmas is to encourage your kids to leave out carrots and oats for Santa's reindeer. After your children go to sleep on Christmas Eve, scatter the reindeer food and leave behind half-eaten carrots so the reindeer look like they've been snacking in your yard.

8. Show Evidence of Their Presence

Christmas morning kids may be focused on the presents but you can make sure they feel Santa's presence. You've left out the milk and cookies for Santa and the oats and carrots out for the reindeer and made sure it looks like Santa and his reindeer have enjoyed their snacks.

Now make Santa boot prints around your fireplace or Christmas tree. Use fake snow if your children are younger and won't catch on that the snow isn't melting. Or make muddy boot print marks instead. Outside, make reindeer tracks to show that Santa's reindeer were in your yard.

9. Leave His Peppermint Scent

What do you think Santa smells like? How about peppermint? Crush peppermint or buy peppermint oil to fill the air on Christmas Day.

10. Believe All Year Long

Keep the spirit of Santa alive for the kids all year long. If a friend or family member is going on vacation in the spring or summer, have them send the kids a postcard from Santa. The kids will love knowing that Santa is thinking of them all year long. Be sure your children don't know where your friend or relative is visiting so you don't get outed when they see the postmark.

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