Keepin' It Real

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    Girls in All Their Glory

    Courtesy of JAKKS Pacific

     JAKKS Pacific is leading the way with a quartet of dolls that epitomizes what contemporary girls look like. The Girls Life dolls are a foursome that equal "girls next door." These aren't seductive, bratty dolls or characters that have gravity-defying curves. No, these four dolls look real. When you take your daughter shopping, the girls you see along the way are the line's inspiration.

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    Fashion Plus Personality

    Courtesy of JAKKS Pacific

    Beyond their wardrobe, which is so spot-on, the Girls Life dolls have a backstory and personality traits that make them appear absolutely lifelike. The motto of the Girls Life dolls is to let your daughters' inner beauty shine. Each girl in the group hails from a diverse background. What they share with one another, and with your children, is their fascination with reading, arts and crafts, making and listening to music, shopping and school. These girls really do exemplify life today. 

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    Agatha Primrose Is Darn "Adorkable"--Really!

    Courtesy of Tonner Doll Company

    Robert Tonner describes beautiful brainiac Agatha Primrose as "adorkable." Study the young scholar--with her long tresses, plaid kilt and intimidating glasses--and she certainly does have a nuanced nerd vibe. She's gawky, a tad clutzy but totally approachable. The Agatha Primrose doll reflects young women who can ace Trivial Pursuit, land a staggering SAT score, and still keep a down-to-earth attitude. Dressed in her brand-new "Agatha's Internship" ensemble, she's a...MORE great gift for the teen in your life who's heading off to college or tackling her first job. Agatha is a geek's (or geekette's) best friend! 

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    Not Your Grandmother's Cabbage Patch Kids

    Courtesy of Wicked Cool Toys

     They took the world by storm in the 1980s, and though they might have taken a brief hiatus, the Cabbage Patch Kids, or CPKs, are here once more. The CPKs are big and they're beautiful. Wicked Cool Toys released 18-inch versions in two unique styles for late fall 2015: a ballerina (Sofia Lorraine) and the Class President (Violet Anne), shown here. Violet Anne looks like a take-charge kid, and you can imagine how her Cabbage Patch comrades fall into line when she calls for a vote. Violet Anne...MORE is just what the country needs: a presidential figure who is sweet, pulled together and cheerful. Plus, she comes with her very own Cabbage Patch birth certificate. (And we know that's been in the news a lot lately!)

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    Oh, My, Here's Mia

    Courtesy of Madame Alexander Dolls

     Emerging from the pages of the very popular I'm a Pretty Little Black Girl book, Mia is an 18-inch doll that is the perfect size for hands-on playing and confiding. Her outfit and her hairstyle are totally realistic. In the book that she springs from, Mia has a wide coterie of friends, who are all different sizes, shapes and color. Mia is a lovely doll. She truly lives up to her book title's name.

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    Amy Coe Knows What's Up

    Courtesy of North American Bear/Amy Coe is a trademark of Amy Coe, Inc.

    Superstar fashion designer Amy Coe has revolutionized the world of juvenile apparel. North American Bear has debuted a line of dolls that are clad in her real-world fashionable togs. There are four dolls in the new line--shown here, Sunny the Blonde. The cotton-and-jersey dolls are garbed in Amy Coe's 2016 actual collection. (Amy Coe Dolls, Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved)

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    The Boy Next Door

    Courtesy of HABA

    HABA proudly presents Fabian, the mirror image of your son or your daughter's popular classmate. Fabian is a soccer player and he boasts (who can blame him?) about scoring the most goals for his team. The likable lad is dressed just like kids today: a hoodie, cargo-length pants, and sports shoes. He's sure to be a hit!