How to Keep 2021 Trends Fresh in 2022

saturated green cabinets

Kate Marker Interiors

While some 2021 design trends were ultra fleeting, others are so fabulous that designers would love to see them live on into 2022—with a bit of a twist. After all, a new year means that it's time for a bit of a style adjustment in order to stay current! We spoke with five designers about how they plan to adapt trends from 2021 so that they remain en vogue into the new year.

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Add This Touch to Your Sofa

If you purchased a neutral sofa within the past year, you're most definitely not alone! Designer Julia Miller notes that these pieces had a major moment in 2021. But because sofas are generally investment pieces that we purchase for the long haul, no one is going to be replacing theirs every year. In order to make those neutral cushions pop while taking part in next year's trends, Miller offers a suggestion. "Adding a saturated color pillow or throw can make your sofa feel relevant for 2022," she states. Whether you choose to opt for solid colors or incorporate patterns and prints is up to you!

neutral sofa with colorful pillows


Bring Outdoor Touches to Your Cabinetry

With more time spent at home over the past several years, many individuals were paying a nod to nature when it came to their decorating. "Bringing the outdoors in continues to be prevalent into 2022," designer Emily Stanton says. But natural touches will be making their debut in new places next year. "These soft warm hues of greens and sage are being seen not just in accents and wall colors, but more re-interpreted into larger pieces like bathroom cabinetry," she adds. You utilize your bathroom each and every day, after all, so you may as well decorate it in a way that makes you happy!

sage green cabinet in bathroom

Tyler Karu

Give Work-From-Home Spaces a Stylish Upgrade

Have you set up a closet office or transformed a kitchen nook into a fab work-from-home setup? Again, if this is the case, you're in good company. "In 2021 we saw creative uses of existing spaces in homes—closets for instance—that can be transformed into a functional office with new cabinetry," designer Allison Caccoma says. And now is the time to upgrade these setups so that they're more than just utilitarian. "To carry this trend into 2022, make it pretty," Caccoma adds. "Paint the cabinetry blue or green, decorate with special fabrics like it’s a proper room, and enjoy your time working from home!" Given how many hours we spend at our computers day in and day out, this seems like a worthwhile type of makeover indeed. And if you need more inspiration for decorating a small, stylish home office, we've rounded up dozens of additional tips.

emerald green cabinets

Kate Marker Interiors

Incorporate Some Velvets

Love color? Embrace it! Living spaces can be nice and vibrant while still looking ultra chic. But if you're in need of a pointer or two, designer Gray Walker offers tips on how to ensure colorful rooms look extra sophisticated. "With everything going on in the world in 2021, we saw a need to brighten up our living spaces," Walker notes. "In addition to continuing to add color in 2022, adding plush velvets can elevate interiors by bringing a sense of luxurious glamour to refined and minimal interiors." Throw pillows are an excellent, low-stakes place to start if you're new to decorating with velvet. We like how nicely the purple velvet pillows above contrast with the emerald sectional.

green velvet sofa and pillows

Victoria Bell Interiors

Say Yes to These Fabrics

Designer Tiffany White notes that "boucle, mohair, and sherpa remain the 'it' fabrics for 2022." She notes that those looking to work these textures into their homes don't need to make any major furniture changes to do so; rather rethink supporting decorative items. Explains White, "You can incorporate these fabrics by replacing your rug, throw, and accent pillows or by reupholstering a bench or ottoman in your home."

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