Kelly Burke

Kelly was bitten by the turf bug at a young age when he realized that his summer job at a golf course had career potential. Initially drawn to the outdoorsy aspect of the job, he later came to appreciate the art and science of turfgrass management. In the last 20 years a summer has not passed where Kelly was not outside tending to the grass.


Kelly has worked his entire career in the turf care industry. He began mowing grass at his local public golf course and liked it so much he eventually obtained his degree in Turfgrass Management majoring in golf. Kelly is also a licensed pesticide applicator and has obtained accreditation in organic land care. Kelly has been a golf course superintendent, worked in senior management positions at private country clubs, volunteered at a PGA event, written articles for local newspapers, newsletters and websites, and enjoys his current position as grounds manager of a sprawling, highly manicured corporate campus in New England.

Kelly Burke

I am eager to share my knowledge of turf and empower people to establish and maintain a beautiful lawn. I believe lawn care should be environmentally sound, inexpensive, and it should not overshadow the time spent enjoying the surroundings. Whether you are looking for a deeper understanding of turf science or just need some tips on maintenance, I hope to become a regular part of your lawn care program.

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