Kenmore Grill with 100% Infrared Cooking System 464222209 - Discontinued

Kenmore Grill with 100% Infrared Cooking System Model #464222209
Kenmore Grill with 100% Infrared Cooking System Model #464222209. Sears Brands LLC.

The Bottom Line

This is a decedent the Char-Broil/TEC with an improvement to the burners to eliminate the problems the last set of burners had. This grill won't have the same problems. What you do get from this grill for around $800 (but typically on sale for around $700) is a complete infrared grill with side burner in a low-grade stainless steel cabinet. The technology is cool and the grill is certainly capable of reaching very high cooking temperatures (while still able to cook at lower temperatures), what you should worry about is the overall construction quality of lower grade and thin metals.

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  • Unique 100% infrared technology
  • Strong parts availability from Char-Broil


  • Light weight construction with thin metals
  • Low grade stainless steel construction
  • Complex TEC burner may present problems
  • Requires more maintenance to keep working properly


  • Three 10,500 BTU TEC-style infrared burners
  • 500 square inches primary cooking area with a total grilling area of 680 square inches
  • 31,500 BTU maximum output from all main burners
  • One 13,000 BTU side burner under a flush fitting cover
  • Battery (AA) powered electronic ignition
  • Stainless steel cooking grates on ceramic infrared surface
  • Individual burner temperature gauges above burner control valves
  • Dual layer hood with two internal halogen lights
  • Propane tank and cover sold separately
  • Made by Char-Broil in China with TEC licensed technology for Sears Kenmore Brand

Guide Review - Kenmore Grill with 100% Infrared Cooking System 464222209

This model has been discontinued.

In 2007 Char-Broil (who makes this grill) introduced its TEC Infrared Grill. This grill proved to have problems, not with the technology, but with the construction of the complex TEC burners. This version of these burners is simpler and won't have the same problems but should be carefully maintained to keep them working properly.

One of the other improvements is the burner mounted independent temperature gauges. With infrared grills the grate temperature can be considerably hotter than the normal hood temperature. This lets you know the temperature at the cooking point and lets you set each burner to a different temperature. This is a good feature for this technology.

This grill has some cool (and expensive) technology and good features for a 3-burner grill with side burner. Like many grills these days, shortcuts are taken to make this grill come in around $800 (but typically on sale for around $700). This means thin metals of a lower quality grade. The question you have to ask yourself is, does the cool infrared technology make up for a mediocre quality grill. My advice is to pick a less complicated and featured grill in favor of one with better quality.

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