Kentucky Highway 49 Yard Sale

The debut Kentucky Highway 49 Yard Sale -- some are calling it the Countywide KY 49 Yard Sale -- took place in 2013, but organizers plan to make the sale an annual event. The 60-mile yard sale spans from Bardstown to Liberty, with stops in Loretto, Lebanon, and Bradfordsville.

The Route:

  • Bardstown to Liberty, Kentucky
  • Participating cities include Loretto, Lebanon, Holy Cross, and Bradfordsville
  • 60 miles of KY 49 

Dates and Times:

  • 2014 Dates: September 12 through 14
  • Starting and stopping times vary by town and seller

Along the Way:

  • The KY 49 Yard Sale runs through Amish communities, Protestant farm country, and the bourbon distillery area. Take time to enjoy the scenery and local hospitality.

Kentucky Highway 49 Yard Sale Tips:

  • Be cautious about parking on the highway's shoulder. You won't enjoy your yard sale finds as much if you have to spend your savings on parking tickets and car repairs.
  • Watch for food vendors and sidewalk sales as you pass through participating towns.
  • In Bradfordsville, some sellers are setting up in Bradfordsville Park and in the Bradfordsville schoolyard.
  • Brush up on the Top 10 Yard Sale Shopping Tips before you go, and make sure to toss your flea market and yard sale tool kit in the car.

More Information:

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