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Keri Wilmot

Keriann Wilmot, a passionate toy enthusiast, began her career as a pediatric occupational therapist 17 years ago. She could have never predicted the profound impact that toys and the role of play would have in helping children achieve developmental milestones in such fun, natural ways. A few years ago, in an effort to help all parents find toys that their children would enjoy playing with, Keri began incorporating toy recommendations and other helpful play hints into her personal website. Many people also know her as the "ToyQueen!"


Several years, prior to the birth of her now very curious almost 6-year-old, Keri and her husband started, so that all caregivers and educators could find toys that might be helpful to enhancing a child's development. Keri's experience has led her to many premier toy events as a media representative, including Toy Fair, where industry leaders unveil the hottest toys to hit the market within the upcoming year. Keri works with toy companies, using her developmental background and knowledge of children's play, to help companies with product development.


Keri has a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy, and in this role, she continues to work directly with children in the public school system schools using toys and play experiences to develop strength, motor control, coordination and developmental milestones. Keri's previous roles as an occupational therapist have included working in Early Intervention with children newborn through 2 years of age, as well as working for an outpatient hospital setting working with children with fine motor and sensory integration difficulties.

Keriann Wilmot

"Toys are my life's work and passion. It has been so enjoyable to watch children learn new skills having fun with toys. I am hopeful that my unique perspective will help parents find fun, exciting high-quality toys their children will love at a good value, as the entire family creates new memories and experiences when playing together. "

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