7 Key Design Elements For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

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    7 Key Design Elements For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

    7 Key Design Elements For Your Next Kitchen Renovation
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    Home improvements are an important part of life. Things grow old over time, they wear out, eventually they go out of style, and occasionally, you just plain get tired of looking at them. In most of the rooms in your home, making over a space means changing the color of the walls or bringing in new textiles. And every so often it means getting rid of everything and starting over fresh from scratch. Home make overs are creative, exciting moments when we get to completely reimagine the rooms and spaces that we call our own - except for the kitchen. When it comes to renovating the kitchen, reimagining your space is more than picking out new pillows and colorful drapery; It is a costly and time consuming process. The average kitchen renovation is estimated to run between six and eight weeks. In reality, depending on the size and scale of your project, a kitchen renovation can easily extend to as many as six months. And that's to say nothing of the bewildering number of options when it comes to choosing everything from refrigerators and fixtures to cabinets and countertops. There's just no getting around it, when you decide to redesign your kitchen it can be a lengthy and taxing ordeal on both your wallet and your sanity. For that reason, most people will go running from the room at the mere mention of a kitchen renovation. But don't lace up your sneakers just yet. There's still the other side to consider.

    Despite all of the time and expense inherent to remodeling a kitchen, the one thing you cannot deny (aside from the fact that it sometimes just needs to be done) is that, at the end of a good renovation, the results are well worth the sacrifice. With the right design choices, the kitchen can easily be one of the most captivating rooms of the house. And if you ask any real estate agent, they'll tell you how important having a great kitchen is to closing a sale. And even if you aren't looking to sell right now, there's nothing nicer than spending time in a room that looks the way you always dreamed that it would. And while the logistics of completing the work might get a bit complicated, making the design choices that will ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams is actually pretty simple. All it takes are the right elements. So whether you are already deep in the midst of your kitchen remodel project or still in the planning stages, I am going to walk you through the 7 key elements that every kitchen needs. These are the ones you want to plan for even before you begin to knock the walls down, so that you can bring in the new island, the space-aged stove and all of those other new goodies.  And once you have these pieces in place, you are guaranteed to have a jaw-droppingly gorgeous new kitchen.  

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    A Modern Backsplash

    Though they're usually not at top of mind for us when we're cooking or entertaining, one of the first things people usually see when they enter a kitchen is the backsplash. In a lot of kitchens, the tiles are outdated and, after years of use, are often in desperate need of a facelift. But because of that, they're actually one of the best places to start when it's time to plan a new look for the space. You'd be surprised at how much the right backsplash can do to bring an older kitchen into the twenty first century. And if you've ever been dismayed at not being able to find just what you wanted for your kitchen, it's time to take another look. The amount of backsplash options in the kitchen industry has opened up dramatically over the past ten years and the sky is now the limit. No longer are your design possibilities limited to different versions of the same tiles. Now you can have engineered hardwood or even waterproof wallpaper. The stunning backsplash in the kitchen seen here is an intricate and delicately patterned wallpaper that offers a wonderful counterpoint to the industrial space. With possibilities this diverse it's hard to go wrong, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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    A New Look For Your Flooring

    7 Key Design Elements For Your Next Kitchen Renovation
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    Another kitchen element that can become a big eyesore if it's not updated is the flooring.  If you are thinking of selling your property - even if that possibility is well down the road - you will need to update your kitchen floors. The kitchen industry is constantly coming up with new and innovative methods for creating interest on kitchen floors. In this kitchen, durable flooring is given a modern twist with an eye-catching, geometric patten. Intriguing new materials like cork, heated panels, and even peel and stick vinyl tiles add to a list of options that just goes on and on.  

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    Upgraded Hardware For Your Cabinetry

    Though there are some key differences, updating the design in a kitchen is much like sprucing up any other room. When it comes to good design, getting it right is all about the details. One of the tiniest kitchen details is the hardware - the little handles and knobs that both decorate and operate your cabinetry. When you select the right hardware for your space it can completely change the look and feel, not only of your cabinets, but of your entire kitchen as well. In fact, the effect can be so transformative that If you looking for ways to cut your budget, you might want to consider changing out the hardware on your cabinets instead of taking on the work and expense of replacing them completely. You'll be pleasantly surprised. A fresh coat of paint and a new set of knobs can make all the difference in the world. 

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    Design Savvy Countertops

    One of the reasons that kitchen renovations are such great design projects is that they give us the chance to rethink our approaches to some of the standing conventions. One area where this is especially true is the countertops. Of course we all want great-looking counters, but how often do we think of them as design elements that can compliment the backsplash? But by pairing the two (without necessarily matching them) we can add a layered look to the kitchen decor. It's important to choose the right material when searching for countertops because, on top of looking good, you also need to choose a countertop to fit your lifestyle. As one of the most used surfaces in your kitchen, the countertops are going to have to be durable enough to withstand the day to day activities of your home from year to year. Marble is a design favorite among a lot of people, but did you know that marble is also very porous? That means that just about anything, even a water ring can create a permanent stain in your countertop. To avoid that possibility, go with a marble-like quartz instead. It will give you the same look as true marble, but is a far more durable surface that will stand up to use. 

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    The Right Paint Color

    Selecting the right color for your kitchen can do a lot to set the mood for your space. Do you want your kitchen to be a vibrant space with lots of color? Or should it have a neutral color palette with a more timeless design? Answering these questions will help guide you towards paint colors that will work for your space. Now let's be honest, most people choose neutral colors, and there is a good reason for this; neutral kitchens are great for resale value if you decide to sell your property, and you can always infuse color into the space with other elements like furniture, tableware accessories, etc. But, that doesn’t mean that going with a bold color is a bad choice for your kitchen area.  If you are building your dream kitchen, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with the paint color. At the end of the day it’s just paint, right? If you don’t love it, simply paint it again.  

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    Proper Lighting

    Having the right lighting in your kitchen is paramount to having a  beautiful and functional space.  To get there, you are going to want to select lighting fixtures that ensure you have the right lighting for when you're preparing your food. And when you dine, you'll want to have enough lighting overhead that you can actually see what’s on your plate. Lighting is an essential element in home decor in general, and it is crucial to good design in a kitchen. Inadequate lighting leads to messy countertops, unclean food surfaces, and a space that doesn’t work efficiently. It also fails to properly highlight your other design choices and can keep your kitchen from looking its best. To achieve proper lighting, you may want to explore two or more lighting options for the space.  Overhead lighting is best for diffused light throughout the space, and then add direct lighting for specific areas like your kitchen island.  

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    Contemporary Seating

    In the past, the kitchen may have been a strictly utilitarian space, but that style of kitchen is long gone. Today, kitchens are designed as communal spaces for people to cook, hang out, and frankly show off as it truly can be one of the most beautiful spaces in your home.  As more and more people, designers and homeowners alike, are becoming aware of this potential, a lot of kitchens are being designed to be the statement pieces in modern homes. And why not? For such a huge investment, the payoff should be just a big. Enjoy it!