6 Keys To A Great Bachelor Pad Bathroom

By default, bathrooms tend to be on the feminine side of style. Maybe it's the usually soft colors, the relationship to water and cleaning, or simply that we don't see much "masculine" bathroom decor in magazines and on websites.

But that's a shame, I think. Although I do love a girly bathroom if it's well done, people with more masculine tastes deserve to be able to decorate their space as they wish. So here are some ideas and suggestions to decorate a beautiful, masculine bathroom for your bachelor pad.

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    Choose the right colors

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    The right colors will make all the difference between a feminine and masculine bathroom. Of course, pink can be used in a masculine space, and earth tones in a feminine space.

    If you're not sure, a neutral palette is your best bet. You can personalize the decor with accessories rather than colors. 

    If you want a masculine feel through your paint and tile choices, use natural stone and/or earth colors. Medium and dark wood, slate grays and granite, fern greens and earthy reds and browns will work perfectly. Check out these various color palettes; some of them fit the bill. Let them inspire your choices.

    When it comes to color, you have to choose something that calls to you, rather than something fashionable. Remember: you'll be looking at those colors for a while, so might as well make them something you like!

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    Add masculine patterns

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    Great, you now have a nice color palette that you like and that expresses your personality. But just colors can be boring; spaces like bathrooms do very well with interesting patterns.

    One thing you can do is get inspired by menswear—yes, fashion. You can take things like masculine patterns found on men's shirts and apply the same or a similar pattern in your room with wallpaper. The choice of black and white also makes it properly neutral/masculine, but it's really the pattern here that steals the show.

    If you prefer something more unique to home decor, you can easily go with geometric or tribal patterns. As long as they're in colors that you're interested in, they'll bring out the masculine side of your bathroom.

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    Use natural materials

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    There's something to say about the strength and beauty of natural materials like wood and stone. Masculine bathrooms successfully use these materials to express a connection with nature and to bring out the best in a space. And natural materials have the bonus of being in already masculine-friendly colors!

    There are plenty of benefits when you choose natural stone materials for your walls and flooring; and nowadays, there's no worry about using wood in humid bathrooms either.

    If you're going with wood, choose a medium or dark shade and keep the wood's natural grain intact. Staining is a good idea if you want to deepen its shade, but I'd stay away from painting it. It's best to keep the natural look of wood in more masculine spaces.

    And if you have space for extra seating, why not add a chair with a leather seat cover, or a leather bench with copper rivets? Natural or dark leather is always a good choice for masculine spaces.

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    Plant some greens

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    Often we think of spaces with plants as more feminine... especially because of flowers. But you can find plenty of plants to keep your bathroom green yet masculine.

    A plant with only green leaves and no flowers is an excellent choice. (But you're allowed to have flower if you like them.) You can also choose an arrangement of branches and stems (even though you won't get the benefits of a full leafy plant). 

    How about a green wall? They're increasingly popular in bathrooms, and since the space is already humid and hot, you can keep tropical plants without much trouble. A little greenery goes a long way to warm up a space that could otherwise be cold and a little clinical.

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    Fix-ture it right

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    Your fixtures, like a sink, shower, and tub, can contribute to the masculine atmosphere of your bathroom. Choose straighter shapes, like rectangles with softened corners, instead of ovals or circles. (Straight angles are considered more "masculine" than rounded shapes.)

    Also think about the material: a wooden or slate vessel sink, a copper or dark wood stand-alone tub, a shower tiled with dark grey tiles can work to make the space feel more like man's bathroom.

    Also think about the effect of a white toilet in your bathroom's atmosphere. Toilets come in different colors, not just white, so don't be afraid to choose one in a shade that suits your space's needs. 

    Also think of your bathroom counter/vanity. Darker stone countertops fit well in masculine spaces, as well as natural wood. Choose a dark gray granite or other stone; natural color variations will make it visually interesting. Or you can just stick with a lovely dark wood protected by a stain and sealant—something a little more bare will work well for a masculine space as well.

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    Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

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    Accessories are often considered last when it comes to decorating a bathroom, but that would be underestimating their effect. From a well-placed retro shaving kit on a shelf to interesting wall art, you can do a lot with these small things to "masculinize" a more neutral space.

    This is a great option if your budget is limited and you want to make your bathroom more man-friendly without tearing it down and redoing everything.

    For something clever and cool, try hanging vintage ads for grooming items; old soap, razor and shaving cream advertising make for a nice ambiance and a clever decorating idea. The 1950s are particularly interesting for their visual style and old-fashioned ideas about gender. They'll certainly get a chuckle or two from visitors.

Make your bathroom yours

More masculine bathrooms are easy to decorate, well, just as easy as any style really. You just need to know what you like, what kinds of colors, textures and materials express your own masculinity, and how to put them together to build the bathroom of your dreams.