Kids' Activities: Science Fun

Science fun that kids can do while mom works.

Science fun

Some kids love science, while others need convincing that science is fun. These fun science experiments and activities will make them believers. The bonus for parents is that none of them need a lot of adult supervision, making them great activities for for work-at-home families. Yet, all of these do need some oversight, but usually an adult's presence in the room is all that is required with grade school age kids.

After all, part of the learning is setting up the experiment according to the direction. Younger kids will need more help.

  • Mentos and Soda Volcano - This one is always a crowd-pleaser. The author recommends using diet soda (though regular works the same) because it's less sticky. Kids can take a video and  watch it again and again.
  • Rubber Egg and Chicken Bones - This science fun activity is done in steps over the course of of a few weeks, making it especially good for a summer activity. It is easy enough for even little kids to do on their own (if you boil the egg first).
  • Extract the Iron from a Fortified Cereal - Kids old enough to work the blender can do this experiment. Of course, it may make them hesitant to eat cereal again!
  • Make Invisible Ink - Not only will your kids enjoy making the inks they can then writing secret messages. It's a two-fer! Some of these take a heat source or chemicals to reveal the messages, so a parent may need to be involved when it's time to reveal the message.
  • Plant Experiments - Get outside in the garden and learn from the plants in your yard or a nearby park. 
  • Make a Lava Lamp - No heat source or toxic chemicals is needed to make this lava lamp. The light source comes from a flashlight so this one is pretty safe for kids.
  • Make a Density Rainbow - Everything in this is safe for kids to handle, but younger kids could make a real mess, Plus, the directions are complicated. Save this for the older kids or a parent may need to stick close by.
  • How Soap Cleans: A Demonstration - This is simple enough for a child to perform on his or her own. And it will impart a valuable lesson!
  • Uncooked Play Dough Recipes - Make your own play dough, then have fun with it.
  • Play Dough Circuits - Go one step more with it! Make it, play with it, then conduct electricity with it!
  • Science Kits for Younger Kids - If you're not up for coming up with the science experiments yourself, just buy a science fun kit. These kits are geared toward younger kids

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