Backyard Trampoline Games

A backyard trampoline can provide plenty of everyday, fun jumping time. At a backyard party for kids, it can also provide plenty of entertainment, in the form of organized party games. Put your trampoline to work and keep guests jumping for joy with these fun and energetic game ideas.

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    Assign one player to be Simon. That player performs three consecutive tricks on the trampoline. The other players must then repeat the same tricks. Any player who doesn’t repeat the tricks correctly is assigned the letter “S.” When a player spells the name SIMON from missing five times, she is out of the game. Players can take turns at being Simon. 


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    Ball Toss Fight

    Divide the players into two teams. Send one team inside the trampoline, and have the other team stand outside of the trampoline. Give each team an equal amount of soft foam balls. When play begins, the teams inside must throw the balls out of while the team outside must throw the balls into the trampoline. Play continues for two minutes. At the end of play time, the team with the least amount of balls on their side is the winner. 

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    Follow the Leader

    The first player performs a move on the trampoline, such as a jumping jack or simple dance move. The next player must perform the same move and then add one of his own. The third player must do both moves that came before and also add one of her own. The game continues in this manner as each child takes a turn. Players who miss a move in the sequence are eliminated. The game continues until only one player remains. 

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    Trampoline Catch

    Players form a circle on the trampoline and start jumping. Someone on the ground tosses a soft foam ball into the crowd. Players must catch the ball and toss it between each other while jumping. If the ball hits the ground or the trampoline, the person who missed it is out; unless the player who threw it made a bad throw, then that person is out (have a referee watching to make those calls). If a player stops jumping, she is out. The last player remaining wins. 


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    Free the Genie

    Assign one player to be the genie. This player sits in her bottle (the middle of the trampoline) with her legs and arms folded, in the pose of a genie. The remaining players jump around in an attempt to get her to break her genie pose or topple over. When that happens, the genie is freed from the bottle. Once the genie is free, she picks a new player to be the genie.

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    Jumping Hot Potato

    Have the kids form a circle and start jumping. Give them an item to pass as they jump, such as a foam ball. Play some music as they pass the item around. When the music stops, the player holding the "potato" is out. When that player exits the trampoline, start the music and play again. Keep playing until only one player is left.