14 Creative Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Kids bathroom with blue fish scale-like walls with circular mirrors and red towels

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Designing a kid-friendly bathroom takes some creativity.

Whether you’re decorating your toddler’s ensuite, navigating the perils of a shared sibling bathroom, or just trying to convince your kiddo to take a bath every now and then, a playful yet practical space is a must. But creating a “fun” bathroom that complements your style and meets your family’s needs is often easier said than done.

While whimsical themes and favorite characters make for engaging spaces, they are also quickly outgrown. And while a heavily themed space may appeal to your toddler, guests who have the dubious honor of sharing your little one’s bathroom may be less appreciative.

Need help striking a balance? Prepare to be inspired!

These creative kids’ bathroom decor ideas are the perfect blend of fun and fashionable. Each one combines modern design trends with playful colors and patterns and subtle themes that kids will love.

Now if you could only figure out how to get that toothpaste off of the ceiling.

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    Fabulous Flamingo

    Gray and aqua kids' bathroom with flamingo motif
    Dwellings by DeVore

    This whimsical flamingo stencil brings a touch of playfulness to this fresh gray and aqua kids’ bathroom featured on Dwellings by DeVore.  

    Inexpensive and fairly easy to pull off, a fun stencil is a great way to add personality to your kiddos’ walls without making the commitment to wallpaper.

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    Nautical Nicety

    Nautical themed kids' bathroom
    The Project Girl

    Rustic coastal meets vintage industrial in this one-of-a-kind nautical-themed kids’ bathroom spotted on The Project Girl.

    From the industrial basin and striped tile work to the port-hole-inspired mirror installation mounted on weathered wood, this imaginative space appeals to adults as much as it appeals to kids.  

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    Mermaid Tail

    Aqua and white bathroom
    Lovely Indeed

    Scalloped wall tile wainscoting brings this beautiful yellow and aqua kids/guest bathroom from Lovely Indeed to life, hinting at a whimsical mermaid theme without seeming overly childish.

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    Built-In Boost

    Kids' bathroom with built-in vanity stool

    Ana White

    This built-in step stool, cleverly disguised as an ordinary vanity drawer, will give your little one a leg up at the sink, making it easier to get ready for the day. You can even convert it to a regular storage drawer when the child no longer needs the boost!

    Can’t afford a new vanity? No worries. Transform your existing vanity using this detailed tutorial by designer and DIY master Ana White.

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    Darling Doodle Print

    Nautical themed kids' bathroom
    Clair Gaskin

    This adorable kid-friendly space by Clair Gaskin combines modern fixtures and striking blue accents with a soft, nautical-inspired wallpaper print featuring playful doodles of ships and sea life.

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    Bold, Bright, and Blue

    Blue and yellow kids' bathroom with patterned wallpaper

    kimberlyhandlerdesigns / Instagram

    Bold pattern and striking color bring life and energy to this stylish kids’ bathroom designed by kimberlyhandlerdesigns. With its heavy frame and bright-yellow finish, the vanity mirror seems to pop off of the richly patterned walls, daring its sleepy little onlooker to “wake up and shine!”

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    Catch the Wave

    Surfer-themed kids' bathroom
    Ventana Builds

    Some clever paintwork sets the scene for this kid-friendly, surfer-themed bathroom by Ventana Builds. We love the creation of the fun wave motif around the top of the ocean-blue room. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to make a splash in your little one’s space.

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    For Your Little Sailor

    Nautical bathroom with kid-sized vanity
    PVA Development

    This ombre-washed, coastal-themed family bathroom, designed by PVA Development, boasts a second, kids-only wash station for the littlest members of the family, creating a functional shared space for all. 

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    All in the Details

    Nautical, whale-themed kids' bathroom

    Maine Coastal Kitchen Designs

    This cute yet sophisticated bathroom by Maine Coastal Kitchen Designs holds its cheery nautical theme in check, relying on subtle details to create the overall effect. The adorable whale motif appeals to kids and adults alike, while the rich blue cabinets and clean white tile keep things chic and modern.

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    Graphic Woodland Win

    Woodland-themed kids bathroom with graphic black and white prints and patterns

    inspired.spaces / Instagram

    This modern woodland-themed bathroom by inspired.spaces mixes kid-friendly graphic prints and bold patterns to create a clean-cut yet visually stimulating space. The rich hunter-green painted vanity—the room’s only colored feature—makes a mood-enhancing statement, bringing deep green forests to mind.

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    Gallery Bathroom

    Bright blue and yellow gallery bathroom

    pencilshavings / Instagram

    Want to display your little one’s art somewhere it can be properly appreciated? This bright and colorful gallery bathroom, created by pencilshavings, is the perfect place to take in a mini masterpiece or two. Try mixing your kiddo’s favorite drawings with a few colorful prints for an extra-eye-catching gallery.

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    Color Pop

    Black, white, and hot pink teen bathroom
    Colordrunk Designs

    A hot pink vanity set against bold black and white patterned wallpaper makes this fun and feminine bathroom by Colordrunk Designs  really pop. Elegant details, like the mirrored wall sconces, monogramed hand towels, and a delicate chandelier add the perfect touch of glam, creating a look that’ll last your daughter well into teen territory.

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    Chalkboard Beauty

    Black, white and rose pink chalkboard kids' bathroom

    michellewilliamsinteriors / Instagram

    This beautiful black, white, and rose-colored bathroom designed by michellewilliamsinteriors features black chalkboard walls adorned with colorful kid doodles and helpful reminders from mom. Too cute!

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    A Place for Everything

    Kids bathroom with separate sink and vanity
    The Pleated Poppy

    Under-the-sink storage is helpful, but those big, open cabinets can come up short in the organization department. Need a better solution?

    Lindsey, from The Pleated Poppy, made space for three girls in this cheery yellow and white bathroom by exchanging her traditional storage vanity for a pair of pedestal sinks and a set of built-in drawers, providing each girl with her own three-drawer station.