10 Awesome Before & After Kids' Bedrooms

Large kids bedroom with two twin beds and toy animals near windows

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

One of the best ways to find your inner room designer is with a bedroom makeover. Kids' bedrooms are even more perfect for a makeover because where else in your home can you be so creative and use such vivid colors? On the practical side, kids' bedrooms are perfect candidates for makeovers because children are continually growing. Paint colors and bedroom furniture that worked for a toddler fall flat with the elementary school kid. Before you know it, the elementary student has moved out of that phase and into the next. Their bedroom's design needs to keep pace with their development.

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    Before: Tired

    Before - Star Wars-Themed Boy's Bedroom Makeover
    Yellow Bliss Road

    Pirates were so passé for Kristin's son Cooper. With his latest obsession being the Star Wars franchise, it made complete sense to turn his bedroom's theme in that direction.

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    After: Epic

    After - Star Wars-Themed Boy's Bedroom Makeover
    Yellow Bliss Road

    Making over a boy's bedroom doesn't need to be expensive. Kristin, the blogger behind Yellow Bliss Road, kept everything on the cheap with this boy's bedroom redesign, purchasing a majority of the items from Goodwill, T.J. Maxx, and Target. Even more economical are the hand-crafted pieces, including a headboard stenciled by Kristin with a Star Wars-style font.

    Star Wars-Themed Boy's Bedroom Makeover from Yellow Bliss Road

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    Before: Good Start

    Before - Sports-Themed Boy's Bedroom Makeover
    Thistlewood Farms

    This blue bedroom was still stuck back in the days of when Karianne's son thought he was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Time moves on. With her son much older, both Karianne and her son wanted a different style.

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    After: Better Blue

    After- Sports-Themed Boy's Bedroom Makeover
    Thistlewood Farms

    Making over a child's room doesn't have to be expensive with cost-cutting measures like painting the furniture. That's what Karianne did with her son's old but solid wood bed, freshly coating it in Sherwin-Williams Naval. This deeper blue with shades of gray is a sharp departure from the soft blue of early childhood and a more appropriate color for an older boy.

    Sports-Themed Boy's Bedroom Makeover from Thistlewood Farms

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    Before: Single Room Makeover

    Before - Nautical-Themed Boys' Bedroom Makeover
    The Happy Housie

    It was a boy's bedroom that was right for one, but not quite right for two. Krista needed to move a second bed into the room to accommodate a younger son currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

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    After: Paired Up

    After - Nautical-Themed Boys' Bedroom Makeover
    The Happy Housie

    Because the family lives on a lake and her boys love camping and hiking, it was natural that Krista would decorate the bedroom in a general outdoors-and-nautical theme. Adorable hanging pendants provide light for reading books in bed. Best of all, both of the boys now have their own bed.

    Nautical-Themed Boys' Bedroom Makeover from The Happy Housie

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    Before: Ready for Change

    Before - Rustic and Modern Kids' Bedroom Makeover
    Shades of Blue Interiors

    Before she took on her sons' bedroom makeover, Rachel definitely knew that she wanted to update the natural wood bunk bed, completely revamp the closet, and theme the personality-free bedroom.

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    After: Strong, Rustic

    After - Rustic and Modern Kids' Bedroom Makeover
    Shades of Blue Interiors

    With the help of gel stain (General Finishes Java), Rachel toned down the bunk bed to a darker, more eye-pleasing color. Since both boys are avid soccer players and fans, Mom created a soccer theme by framing a poster of one of their favorite players and adding soccer ball string art to the wall above the bed. A brushed nickel ceiling fan keeps everybody cool and lends a modern air to the room.

    Rustic and Modern Kids' Bedroom Makeover from Shades of Blue Interiors

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    Before: Blank Slate

    Before - Cars and Sports Themed Bedroom Makeover
    Noble Pig

    Cathy's son had recently become a teenager, so it was time to add more life to his bedroom. With a beautiful view of Douglas Firs right outside the window, the room was already a favored spot in the house, One thing she knew: those dowdy Tiffany lamps had to go.

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    After: A Room Fit for a Boy

    After - Cars and Sports Themed Bedroom Makeover
    Noble Pig

    With help from family friend Kari De Lavenne, the bedroom was transformed into a space perfect for a teenage boy. References to sports and cars abound in the form of framed Corvette prints and a basketball hoop on the wall. A new desk with a pull-out tray for a keyboard from Pottery Barn provides a well-lit study area to help him keep up on his studies.

    Cars and Sports Themed Bedroom Makeover from Noble Pig

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    Before: Time to Move Up

    Before - Boy's Bedroom Makeover and New Bed
    Honey We're Home

    Megan's son James was sleeping in a hand-me-down tufted leather bed that was cracked and peeling and didn't work for a kid of his age. Plus, he was growing up fast, and he had outgrown many of the things in his room. Clearly, it was time for a makeover.

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    After: His Own Place

    After - Boy's Bedroom Makeover and New Bed
    Honey We're Home

    The first step in turning a bedroom into one that you can call your own is having your own bed. To that end, James's bedroom got a new navy-blue upholstered bed with nailhead trim that would grow with him. The walls were freshened up with Sherwin-Williams Divine White, and a glossy blue stripe visually connects the wall scheme to the bed and other blue elements in the room.

    Kid's Bedroom Makeover from Honey We're Home

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    Before: Starting Fresh

    Before - Boy's Bedroom Makeover
    Hither and Thither

    The bedroom already had a few great things going for it, namely the large cork board covering an entire wall. But home blogger Ashley, of Hither and Thither, wanted to brighten up her son's bedroom, and the only way to start was by removing everything in the room.

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    After: Softer, Brighter

    After - Boy's Bedroom Makeover
    Hither and Thither

    The first order of business in making over the bedroom was to paint the cork wall. While it felt like a mistake at first, Ashley later adored the look because it added ambient light to the room. Stools made of jute and yarn replaced the previous yellow plastic chairs. For storage ease, an IKEA unit holds toys and books. And her son can now play on the soft, thick area rug that Ashley moved over from her office.

    Brighter Kid's Bedroom from Hither and Thither

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    Before: Dark and Dreary

    Before - New Ceiling for Kids' Bedroom Makeover
    The DIY Playbook

    How do you brighten up a kids' bedroom when it seems to defy all attempts to bring in more light? Casey and Bridget, the powerhouse bloggers behind The DIY Playbook, are no strangers to this business of making a room lighter. So, they had a novel idea.

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    After: Cheery

    After - New Ceiling for Kids' Bedroom Makeover
    The DIY Playbook

    The first and easiest way to bring more light into a room is to paint the walls a lighter color. But what really turned up the dial was removing the light-absorbing acoustic tiles and replacing them with glossy ceiling planks. The glossy sheen has a mirror-like effect and bounces more light from the windows into the room.

    New Ceiling for Kids' Bedroom Makeover from The DIY Playbook

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    Before: Colorless

    Before - Colorless Child's Bedroom
    Vintage Revivals

    When your child's bedroom needs color, should you start rolling on a single color? Perhaps. But Vintage Revivals' Mandi wanted something more lively, so she decided to add multi-colored graphics.

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    After: Color Infusion

    After - Color Infusion for Child's Bedroom
    Vintage Revivals

    Would you believe that the designs on this child's bedroom were created just with painter's tape and paint? By making a stencil from cardboard and Frog Tape brand painter's tape, Mandi was able to add lovely, colorful designs to her daughter's bedroom as part of an overall makeover.

    Colorful Designs for Child's Bedroom Makeover from Vintage Revivals

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    Before: Transition Time

    Before - Treehouse Kid's Bedroom Makeover
    Taryn Whiteaker

    Designer Taryn Whiteaker had made over her son's nursery only two years prior. Yet time flies, especially with young kids. It was time to transition the look from a toddler's room to a big boy's room.

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    After: Treehouse Adventure

    After - Treehouse Kid's Bedroom Makeover
    Taryn Whiteaker

    What kid wouldn't love having a bunk bed that looks like a treehouse? Taryn kept the wood-look wallpaper from the nursery because it fit perfectly with the new adventure theme.

    Adventure-Themed Kid's Madeover Bedroom from Taryn Whiteaker