Fun Ways to Serve S'mores at a Kids' Party

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    S'mores Cake

    S'mores cake
    Image © Love, Laurie

    No party is complete without a cake. For the chocolate-graham-cracker-marshmallow enthusiast, this s'mores cake from Love, Laurie, is the perfect place to stake those birthday candles. To make your own s'mores cake, pay Laurie a visit to get the recipe she's been so kind to share. I'll bet you'll discover that you "Love Laurie," too!

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    Simple S'mores Dip

    S'mores dip
    Christine Gauvreau

    This five-step s'mores dip is a great crowd-pleaser and an easy (and fun!) way to serve s'mores at a kids' party. 

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    S'mores Pizza

    S'mores pizza
    Image © table for seven

    Is there a more popular kids' party food than pizza? Maybe not, but this pizza-style dessert might just come close. Erin, of Our Table for Seven shares her recipe for  S'mores pizza with homemade dough -- and even homemade marshmallow fluff! 

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    S'mores Snack Mix

    S'mores snack mix
    Image © Cozy Country Living

    Looking for a fun way to serve up the flavors of s'mores without the sticky, gooey mess? Try this s'mores snack mix from Shannon of Cozy Country Living. It eliminates the mess (and the need for fire) without sacrificing the deliciousness of s'mores. You can even package this party mix to send home as party favors. Win! Win!

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    S'mores Pancakes

    S'mores pancakes
    Image © Bombshell Bling/Craft Quickies

    S'mores for breakfast? Absolutely! These s'mores pancakes shared by Sarah from Bombshell Bling are a great way to serve the morning meal after a backyard campout, indoor glamping or slumber party. And since pancakes are technically "cake," I'd even go as far as to say they can be served as dessert. However you serve them, kids will be thrilled to dive into a stack of s'mores pancakes.  

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    Fudge Striped Cookie S'mores

    Fudge striped cookie s'mores
    Image © Butter With a Side of Bread

    They're kind of like traditional s'mores, but with a different -- and delicious -- twist. Hold the graham crackers and chocolate bars, because these fudge-striped cookie s'mores from Jessica at Butter With a Side of Bread only call for two ingredients: fudge striped cookies and marshmallows. Drop by to see how Jessica made these sweet treats. 

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    S'mores Ice Cream Sundaes

    S'mores ice cream sundaes
    Image © Eats Well With Others

    Joanne from Eats Well With Others has not made just any old s'mores ice cream sundae; she's created an extraordinary dessert that consists of homemade graham-cracker-infused ice cream and homemade marshmallow sauce. And then she shares the recipe here. Thank you, Joanne! From the bottoms of our homemade ice cream and s'mores'loving hearts, we thank you. 

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    S'mores Nachos

    S'mores nachos
    Image © The Creative Bite/Krafted Koch

    A visit to The Creative Bite will deliver exactly what the title promises: creative recipes you can't wait to bite into. Like these s'mores nachos. They're loaded just like traditional nacho platters, but with entirely sweet, gooey and decadent ingredients. Stop by to see Danielle's recipe and make your own s'mores nachos. 

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    Crockpot S'mores Fondue

    Crockpot s'mores fondue
    Image © Eazy Peazy Mealz

    Any mom who has ever cooked for a kids' party knows, crockpots are a time-saving, space-saving sanity-saving way to go. As for fondue, it's just plain fun! And we've already established that s'mores are delicious. .Combine the three and you have this winning recipe for crockpot s'mores fondue from Rachael at Eazy Peazy Mealz. Yummy!

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    S'mores Party Favors

    S'mores party favors
    Christine Gauvreau

    What better way to end a party that featured s'mores than to send guests home with a package of ingredients to make their own? These s'mores mason jars are a lovely way to do so, or you can simply fill plastic baggies with the makings and add a tag that says something like "Each Day I Like You S'more." Another idea is to top a box of graham crackers with a large chocolate bar, topped by a bag of marshmallows. Tie it with colored ribbon, and you have a family-sized s'mores party favor to go.