Throwing a Fun Board Game Party

board game party night

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Board games are not just for rainy days anymore. As a matter of fact, they're the life of the party when used with these ideas for a child's board game-themed party. 

Examples of Invitations

When sending invitations for a board game party, you can take some inspiration from the games you plan to play at the event.

  • Arrange a Scrabble board to display a message such as “You’re Invited,” or “Game Night Party.” Take a picture of the scrabble board and print it as the cover for your invitation. You can also use a picture of any board game, or a stack of games as your invitation cover.
  • Send a game piece to each invitee and ask them to bring the piece as admittance to your game-themed party.
  • Tuck a few Monopoly dollars into an invitation and write a message saying. “Cash these in at our board game party.”
  • Draw Pictionary style clues that translate to read something like, “Come to our house for game night.” You can always write the translation and remaining party details on the back of the picture.

Use the invitation as the place to add any information in addition to the date, time and location of your board game party. You can add a list of the games you plan to play, so guests know what to expect. You might also wish to ask guests to bring along some favorite board games of their own.


One fun decorating idea for a game party is a DIY entry path that resembles one of the games you’re featuring. For instance, you can create oversized property spaces from the game of Monopoly onto posterboard and then tape them to the floor so guests can actually walk over the spaces to enter the party room. The same concept can be used to create a path from games like Candyland, Life, or just about any board game that requires pieces to move from space to space. Another way to really amp up the fun factor of this idea is to turn two large boxes into a pair of giant dice that guests have to roll in order to advance toward the entrance. More game part decorations can include:

  • Use twister mats as table coverings.
  • Fill glass jars with various game pieces and set them as centerpieces of buffet table decorations. If you don’t have spare game pieces, you can pick up things like dominoes, bingo balls, puzzle pieces, and dice at the dollar store to use as fillers.
  • Make a hanging banner out of playing cards or board game cards (use the real cards or make your own out of cardstock).
  • Make cardstock scrabble letters to spell out messages such as “Game Night” or “Happy Birthday.”
  • Fill in spaces with balloons that match the colors of the games you’re playing.


Since game-playing is hands-on and often time consuming, you may want to schedule your party between meal times and simply serve some light snacks and refreshments. If you do wish to serve more substantial food, you can set up a table separate from the game playing space for kids to eat (so as not to make a mess of the games). Even when serving a meal, simple, easy to serve (and eat) foods such as pizza, chicken fingers, or finger sandwiches are probably a good idea for this type of event.

For a game-themed birthday party, consider a cake inspired by the birthday child’s favorite board game, such as a Candyland cake, or a Clue Board cake.

Party Favor Ideas

  • Travel size board games
  • Deck of cards
  • Individual packages of microwave popcorn
  • Candy bars (make printable wrappers with images from favorite games)
  • Decorate square favor boxes to look like dice and fill them with treats