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    Which Bunk Bed is Right for Your Child?

    Bunk Beds
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    Choosing a bunk bed for your child's room can seem confusing at first. There are so many types, styles, materials and price points to choose from. And then you have to consider your child's preferences too, all the while being aware that they might change by next week.

    What to Consider

    Here are some factors that might help you decide, or at least to narrow down those choices:

    • A very important feature that you need to consider before buying a bunk bed is safety. Make sure that the bunk bed you are buying complies with all safety regulations so that you can minimize the risk of injuries.
    • Consider your own needs as well as your child's needs. You may be looking for a style that fits into the way the rest of your home is furnished. But you will also have to find something that appeals to your child.
    • Consider the child's age, and how long you plan on having him use the bed.
    • Consider the level of functionality you want from the bed. Will it be used just for sleeping, or are you looking for storage or a play/study area as well?
    • Consider how many children will be sharing the room, or whether your child often has friends who sleep over.
    • Depending on your needs take a look at the different kinds of bunk beds on the market. Most bunk beds do not come with mattresses so follow the manufacturer's recommendations in that regard.

    Featured here are some bunk beds that let you see different configurations to help you decide. 

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    Pulaski Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

    Powell Cape Cod Twin over Twin. Photo (c) Powell

    A twin over twin bunk bed is the most basic configuration of all. It is a great solution to sleeping two children in a room, especially when there is limited space. Oftentimes you may find that the bunk bed will also accommodate trundle beds for guest sleepovers or drawers for storage. Very often these beds can be separated to get two twin beds instead.

    Case in point, this twin over twin bed from Pulaski. This twin over twin configuration can be expanded in functionality by adding a trundle or drawers to the bottom bed.

    Bunk Bed in Vanilla finish Available in Twin over Twin and Twin over Full sizes Arched top rail Vertical slats and panel design Includes bunk bed ends, guard rails, bed rails, slat roll and ladder. Manufacturer limited 1-year warranty Specifications: Twin over Twin Overall Dimensions: 80" H x 42" W x 82" D Twin over Full Overall Dimensions: 80" H x 59" W x 82" D Twin over Twin Weight: 228 lbs Twin over Full Weight: 279 lbs. 

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    Futon Bunk Beds - Powell SoHo Twin/Futon Bunk Bed

    Powell Soho Twin over Futon
    Powell Soho Twin over Futon. Photo (c) Powell

    The futon bunk bed with a lofted bed over a futon lets you use the futon as a couch during the day. The futon can be opened up at night to provide another sleeping surface.

    Powell's SoHo Twin/Futon Bunk Bed has a top twin size bed and lower full-size futon bed. One feature of this bunk bed is heavy gauge 3” diameter metal tubing in textured black. It comes with full-length guardrails, and a sturdy welded metal slat system for mattress support with built in ladders on each side.

    This bunk bed uses a standard twin size mattress and full-size futon mattress (sold separately).

    An important note: Maximum total weight should not exceed 300 lbs. on the upper bunk. Some assembly required. Dimensions: With Futon Bed 80.5 x 54.25 x 65.375 tall 

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    Triple Bunk Beds - University Loft Triple Lindy

    University Triple Lindy Loft. Photo (c)University Loft Company

    A triple bunk bed can accommodate three children and is an L-shaped configuration. The third bed is usually lofted and attached to the top bunk bed leaving space under the loft, which can then be used for extra seating, or a study center, storage, etc. The choice is yours depending on your child's needs.

    The Graduate Series Extra Long Triple Lindy from University Loft Company has a full third bed and a modular design in Natural or Wild Cherry finish.

    The frames are constructed of hard wood and come with side rails and guard rails. They are available in right or left-facing orientations. One great feature is that the beds are height adjustable, so it gives you an option to arrange them in a configuration that is best suited to you. Bed ends can be used for climbing up but ladders are available, though sold separately. I would recommend getting ladders for safety's sake.

    Please note that there is a 250 pound limit for all beds. Additional items available to extend the set. Assembly required.

    Dimensions: Overall height: 70.56"
    Each individual twin size bed end: 34.5” H x 41.25” W x 3” D
    Full extension kit: 15.5” H x 16.5” W x 84.75” L

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    L-Shaped Bunk Bed - Berg Furniture Sierra Collection Captains Bunk Bed for Two

    Berg Furniture Sierra Collection Captains Bunk Bed
    Berg Furniture Sierra Collection Captains Bunk Bed. Photo (c) Berg Furniture

    The L-shaped bunk bed is a variation on the basic bunk bed with the lofted bed placed at a right angle to the bottom bunk. This is not the most space-efficient solution but can be a more attractive one.

    The Berg Furniture Sierra Collection Captains Bunk Bed for Two with Storage Stairs in White lets you configure your bunk bed in either left or right sided arrangements.

    It comes with 6 drawers, each 23" deep for plenty of storage. To prevent tip-overs, the drawers come with stop positions on the slides. Another safety feature is the staircase instead of a ladder which is great for younger children. Since the stairs are wide and roomy, they can also be used for sitting.

    The height of the upper bed is low enough for younger children and includes a solid foundation. This bed is also available in full size. The lower bed is designed with a mattress foundation and casters that allow the bed to slide in and out. The laminated finish is cleanable with non-abrasive cleaners, making it especially useful for younger children. Compare Prices

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    Basic Loft Beds - Lea Deer Run Loft

    Lea Deer Run Loft Bed
    Lea Deer Run Loft Bed. Photo (c) Lea

    The basic loft bed gives you a lot of flexibility in designing a child’s room since one loft bed in either twin or full size is suspended over an open space.

    The Lea Industries Deer Run Loft Bed is constructed of wood and can be used in a boy's or girl's room, and is available in Brown Cherry.

    The elevated bed lets you exercise many possibilities in the space underneath and around this bed to create a whole room setting in a limited amount of space. Desks, storage items, or book shelves can be arranged underneath. The bed includes ladder which can be installed on either side of the bed. A slat pack is included for additional mattress support.

    The loft bed shown here in Twin is also available in Full. A full-size bed might be a better option for a teen, and high loft beds are generally used for older children. Maximum weight capacity 250 lbs.

    Dimensions: 80"H x 43"W x 79"L

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    Junior Lofts - Universal Loft Bed

    Junior Lofts - Universal Loft Bed
    Junior Lofts - Universal Loft Bed. Photo (c) priceGrabber

    Junior loft beds are very similar to basic loft beds, but are lower to the ground, since they are meant for younger children. Junior loft beds may also have added features such as slides and tents to be more play-oriented.

    The junior loft bed shown here is about 48" high and comes with book shelves at both ends. There is enough space under the bed for playing or storing a child's belongings. The loft comes with a removable fabric curtain that can hide the play or storage area.

    The bed has a silver finish and a built-in climbing ladder.

    Dimensions: 48" H x 80" W x 41.5" D. 

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    Novelty Beds - Powell Shiver Me Timbers Youth Bunk Bed

    Powell Shiver Me Timbers Youth Bunk Bed
    Powell Shiver Me Timbers Youth Bunk Bed. Photo (c) Powell

    Novelty beds are available as regular beds as well as bunk beds. These beds may be centered around​ a theme, such as pirates or from a popular movie or book, or simply have brighter colors. Before you rush to buy a novelty bed, stop and consider if your child would still find the bed as inviting a couple of years from now. You know how fickle loyalties can be at a very young age.

    This bunk bed has a pirate ship design and features such as an attached boarding ladder, arched overhanging cap rails, plank grooved end panels and turned rod guardrails. It has antique aged brass-finished porthole frames and a distressed antique brown oak finish along with a very unusual shape to complete the picture.

    The bottom bed can be adjusted to two heights, allowing you to place storage drawers beneath (not included).

    Weight on the top bunk should not exceed 300 lbs.Dimensions:

    Dimensions (without ladder): 76.63" H x 79.75" W x 52.75" D
    Bunk bed dimensions (with ladder): 76.63" H x 79.75" W x 61" D
    Underbed storage dimensions: 13" H x 76" W x 20.75" D

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    Study Lofts - Pottery Barn Sleep & Study Loft

    Pottery Barn Sleep & Study Loft
    Pottery Barn Sleep & Study Loft. Photo (c)Pottery Barn

    Study lofts are a good option for an older child’s room. A study loft lets you fit a lot into a small space as with this design you don’t need to factor in any space for a desk.

    Pottery Barn Sleep & Study Loft provides space for sleep, study and storage. It has a full-sized loft bed for an older child  and also provides more room for study and storage below. The sleep and study loft comes in painted or stained finishes.

    The loft, which has a solid wood frame with a ladder, includes a computer desk with a pullout keyboard tray, and a cabinet to house the computer tower. Shelves on each side provide space for books and supplies. A cork panel is also included to post assignments, reminder notes, or pictures.

    Dimensions: Overall (including ladder projection): 71"w x 80.5”l x 74”h

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    Study Lofts - Coaster Modern Study Full Workstation

    Coaster Modern Study Full Workstation
    Coaster Modern Study Full Workstation. Photo (c) Coaster

    Coaster Modern Study Full Workstation is another study loft option. The dark charcoal full-size loft bed comes with a workstation and has a contemporary look, which could make it a good choice for an older child's room, or it could work well in a dorm if you have the option of bringing in your own furniture. The bed over the study area conserves a lot of space, leaving plenty of room.

    The study loft, constructed from 3" metal tube, has a 5-step ladder, and the workstation is equipped with a keyboard tray and bookshelf.

    Dimensions: 80"L x 58"W x 72"H