Kids Can Stop Picking Noses and Eating Boogers By Making Booger Balls!

Funrise Booger Balls
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Do your kids think it is hilarious when you tell them to stop picking their noses and eating boogers? Do they love toys and activities that are slimy, yucky, gooey and gross? Are they budding scientists who love to measure and mix? Do they get excited when they create something new? Maybe they like playing target games with their friends outside? As a parent are you looking for an activity or game to include at your child's next birthday party?

For kids who like science and the thrill of a game where they can throw slimy things at their friends or at a target, then they will really enjoy making and launching their own Booger Balls.

Booger Balls are small, colored slimy balls that can be flicked or thrown, and will splat or explode when they hit a person, target or something firm. Booger Balls are small, round balls, that are a little larger than a grape. Like water balloons, Booger Balls will explode after hitting a target, but instead of getting a child wet, they leave a colored slimy residue on their clothing.

First, everything you need for a long-lasting Booger Ball battle is included in the Booger Ball Ultimate Battle Pack kit, which is available through or at various toy stores like Toys "R" Us and Walmart.

Once you have a kit, set aside some time to follow the directions in order to make your arsenal of little, round Booger Balls.

The process of making Booger Ball is pretty simple. In a plastic bucket, measure out 24 ounces of warm water. Open the Booger Bath packet and mix up the solution using a spoon. Then, inside the included Shaker Bottle, add warm water up to the fill line near the top of the bottle. Open one of the colors of Booger Mix and add it to the Shaker Bottle.

Replace the small filter in the top of the bottle and screw the top back on.

The process of making Booger Balls will take a little bit of patience and skill. The first few we made were definitely not perfect, but the size and shape of your Booger Balls should improve over time once you are familiar with the steps and the routine.

Shake the shaker bottle repeatedly to mix up the slime contents. Then hold the bottle upside down and squeeze the slime into the cap, up to the fill line. Dip the cap full of slime into the bath solution, then swirl it around. A small slimy ball will start to form. Tilt the bottle so that the small, newly formed Booger Ball slides down into the bath solution. Leave it in the solution for over a minute in order for it to grow bigger and stronger.

I personally found it easier to dip the cap into the water, just enough to cover it, then we chose to swirl around the slime with it above the solution. We used a deep bowl and if it was dipped to quickly, the slime fell out and did not form into a ball, but was more like a string. What ever slime enters the bath, will still form into something. It might resemble either small beads, droplets or slime strings. While they will not be perfect round Booger Balls, kids will still enjoy throwing the slime at a target or their friends.

I would suggest using a clear bucket, we used a pink bucket and chose the red color, so it was hard to see the Booger Balls in the bath.


Before you start, you may want to watch this video from FunRise Toys on how to make Booger Balls to make the process go a little more smoothly. 

Warn your children, making Booger Balls takes a lot of time, because the shaker bottle only makes one Booger Ball at a time. Each color makes dozens of Booger Balls. Though many kids get excited and impatient, so they will want to play right away. Make sure you build up a good arsenal of Booger Balls before they play, because they will be used up very quickly. We made our Booger Balls inside and took them outside to play. Booger Balls are really an outdoor toy, and I would suggest waiting for a nice day, dress the kids up in old clothes, lather them up in sunscreen and find a nice area in the shade for them to complete the entire Booger Ball making process outside.

Booger Balls are non-toxic and biodegradable. They may leave a residue behind which should be washed away after play, but it is reported that Booger Balls should not stain upholstery, paint or clothing.

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